Anne Heche Talks About Filming ‘Dig’ in Jerusalem, Bossmances, and More

USA Network’s newest series, Dig, premieres this coming Thursday, March 5, and we cannot wait! As the premiere nears, we’re excited to share with you our interview with star Anne Heche from our set visit last December.

We asked Heche to tell us a little bit about her character and her role in the series, and she instantly won us over with her witty, dry humor.

“I am Lynn. Lynn Monahan, head of the FBI, legal attaché in Jerusalem. Whatever that means. You just say it and it’s like well that’s smarter than I’ve ever been. So that’s good, let’s start there. And Then I’m Peter’s boss so that’s always good. And then I’m having sex with the lead and that’s always … They’re still hiring me to do that.” Heche dryly joked. “There we go that’s my character. Then they write me some really smart stuff and all I say is I want to be an action hero they’re like fine and finally in 8, 9 and 10 I get to be one. They don’t call me a hero, I do. She gets into some fights and Peter saves the day, stuff like that.”

The epic tale was partially shot in Jerusalem until violence in the region forced production to halt and relocate. When we asked Heche what the environment was like and how it was filming the pilot on location, she admitted it changed her life.

“Certainly when I thought of family vacations, I didn’t think we’ll go to the middle east, let’s do that this year. And I got to because of this incredible opportunity. It was marvelous, my family came over … Really from the moment I got on the plane you’re embraced in this kind of family, literally family that’s welcoming you into their home and it was quite magical. When my family came over we went everywhere. We went to Bethlehem, we went to the Sea of Galilee, we certainly to Jerusalem and had a just gorgeous, gorgeous time. We went swimming in the Mediterranean. It’s a beautiful, beautiful place.” Heche explained. “Tel Aviv is a wonderful city. Obviously our hearts are changed, because of it and care so much about what is going on over there, not that we didn’t before, but it’s certainly been rooted in being of my life to hope for peace there.”

Speaking of what is currently going on in the region. Does Heche think that viewers will have a better understanding of issues in the Holy Land after watching Dig?

“No. Absolutely not.” Heche answered. “This is not pretending to teach what’s going on in the Holy Land. I don’t think any of us could explain it, or certainly that’s not what this show is tackling. It’s not a documentary. But I think there’s a magical quality to what it is to be able to shoot and show the world the way that it is being seen. I mean the locations that we’ve been on both in Israel and in Croatia are just … they are so stunning. To be able to see this part of the world and have it woven into a dramatic or mystical story is really, really fun. But I don’t think it’s trying to teach anything. Maybe expose some of the cultural aspects of the world that we haven’t seen before. And that’s the fun part of it for sure. But I don’t think it dives into the politics of what’s going on other than it being a fictional story that’s infused by a certain … Many, many things that have been going on for years and are going on now still.”

On a lighter note, we had to ask Heche about her chemistry with Jason. Had they met before filming? If not, did they have a chance to bond before filming?

“They never give us time to bond, are you kidding? And then what if we didn’t? I think the whole reason is because if we didn’t, then what? We’re under contract. Then they’ll be like whoops. They don’t care about our opinion. They just wanted us to work together. Fortunately we really get along. He told me a couple weeks ago he met me a long time ago I was like I didn’t remember that. But whatever.” Heche smiled. “He and I love working together and that makes what I think this relationship is, which we’ve always talked about a very adult relationship. It’s not a romance, it’s a kind of … It’s not a bromance at least, but I am his boss … It’s a bossmance. Let’s coin a phrase, a bossmance.”

Be sure to catch the premiere of Dig on USA Network this Thursday, March 5 at 10pm ET/PT! And keep checking back this week for more of our Dig interviews!

Dig Trailer

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