Tim Kring Talks Fanaticism and Religion with His New Series ‘Dig’

USA Network’s newest series, Dig, premieres Thursday, March 5, and we cannot wait for you guys to check it out! Last December, we got to visit the set in Albuquerque and chat with executive producer Tim Kring about the series.

One of the questions that I was most eager to ask Kring about was if he was nervous that the controversial topics the series tackled may upset religious viewers. When I questioned series star Jason Issacs about whether or not he was nervous, he had replied, “Oh, shit yeah. Are you kidding me? We’re doing a thing set around religious extremists. It’s in Jerusalem. Every day Jerusalem has terrible and tragic things going on there, and I’ve already experienced an awful lot of people contacting me through social medial who are just full of hate or anger or righteous anger or whatever. It means we’re telling stories about something that’s engaging.”

I mentioned Issac’s reply to Kring when I posed him the same question, and he admitted that it was a very touchy subject.

“It’s interesting, because it is such a touchy subject to touch on religion and people are going to see through the lens that they are going to see this. But then you ask yourself the question do you just not do it because of that? What we have landed on is that we take no stand in this. There’s no particular point of view other than, I will say, that it is a point of view about fanatics. Fanaticism. So it casts a light on the idea of fanaticism, and not a very good light, in that fanaticism in any form is just very dangerous. In the world that we live in today it just feels like fanaticism is the thing that needs to be elevated to the point of discussion where we all recognize it and talk about it.” Kring replied. “If we don’t, it’s going to get really really ugly and we’re seeing that every day. We’re all seeing it when you turn on the news or read the paper. It’s that fanaticism is driving so much of the scary stuff in the world. So the show does take a stand on that but not on any particular religion and there are fanatics on all sides.”

Be sure to catch the premiere of Dig on USA Network this Thursday, March 5 at 10pm ET/PT! And keep checking back this week for more of our Dig interviews!

Dig Trailer

Photo Credit: USA Network


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  1. Anytime I see “TIM KRING” associated with anything, you know he will be putting forth that Christians are whack job lunatics. And this vile show DIG is no exception.