Interview: Meital Dohan from Woke Up Dead

We had the honor of chatting with Meital Dohan from the web series Woke Up Dead (which is fantastic by the way!). Meital talked with us about her experience with Woke Up Dead, the unusual fan experiences she’s had after appearing on Showtime’s Weeds, and what’s next for her. Check it out below!

Your fans can currently see you in Woke Up Dead. Can you tell us a little bit about that series and your character?

Meital: It’s Sony’s new zombie comedy series with Jon Heder from Napoleon Dynamite. Basically, a nerd wakes up in a bathtub dead and I play Aurora, the badass zombie chick who rocks his world.

Did you audition for the role?

Meital The casting director knew me and wanted to see me read for the part. I guess I came to mind when she was thinking about who could best play a smart-ass zombie who likes to rob convenience stores…

How long did it take to film?

Meital: I was on set for a month, which actually felt more like two seconds, because we were all having such a blast shooting.

How was filming a web series difference in comparison to a TV series or a movie? Were there any noticeable differences?

Meital: There was no difference in the way it was shot, only in the way it was later edited into shorter segments for the internet.

Woke Up Dead has a lot of great comedy in it, was it all scripted, or was there any improv in there?

Meital: Every good comedy needs a great script, director, and good chemistry amongst the actors. Improv is the cherry on the pie. We had all of these elements in play on Woke Up Dead, which made it an absolute pleasure to work on.

Zombies and vampires seem to be all the rage right now. What’s your thoughts on it, and why do you think people enjoy them so much?

A zombie outbreak is on the loose. Alert the masses! Unconsciously, I think people want to have their blood sucked right out of them, that’s why. People want to live forever and have magical powers; it’s the very splendor of fantasy.

Tell me a little bit about the other projects you have coming out.

Meital: I just finished shooting Monogamy, a feature film about voyeurism by the director of Murderball (Dana Adam Shapiro). I’m also shooting a tv series in Israel right now, and in pre-production on a film that is an American-Israeli co-production that will be shot in Jerusalem. I’m attached to several other film projects that will be going into production starting December. I’ve got a dizzy busy schedule in the coming months – I can already feel the world spinning at top speed.

Has there been anything you’ve had to change with your acting style when working on American projects as compared to Israeli projects?

Meital: America loves to make fun of itself, so I can be more satirical and sarcastic with how I portray certain roles.

With your work on Weeds and now this web series, are you finding that people are starting to recognize you more in America?

Meital: Sometimes complete strangers approach me and ask me to autograph their strap-ons. It’s a big honor…

If you had to describe yourself in 3 words, what would they be?

Meital: Powerful. Passionate. Provocative. Jeez, that sounds like a slogan for a new perfume. Should I have my own perfume line?

What do you like to do in your downtime. Any favorite hobbies? Favorite TV shows?

Meital: Downtime? What downtime? No such thing.

Interview By: Emma Loggins

Meital Dohan Official Site

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