Jennifer Garner Praises Halle Berry for Anti-Paparazzi Efforts

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Jennifer Garner will always be indebted to Halle Berry for standing up for celebrity moms against paparazzi pests.

Garner joined the Oscar winner in her fight to get new California harassment bill SB606 passed, convincing lawmakers that moms and their children were at risk from aggressive photographers, particularly those who prey on celebrities and their kids outside schools.

And now the former Alias star can’t believe what a difference the new legislation has made to her life.

Garner tells WENN, “I don’t have paparazzi outside my gate. I don’t mind being in the public eye. I feel very comfortable. I love people. I love life and I take full advantage of all this wonderful and weird life this brings me and I’m comfortable with the negatives whatever they may be. One thing that went too far and was so untenable and was so out of control that if any of you would’ve seen it with your own eyes you would’ve said, ‘This is ridiculous’, was the hunting of my children!

“That has changed and I one hundred per cent owe that to Halle Berry; it makes me want to cry just thinking about it.

“And also Kristen Bell getting the magazines to stop printing pictures of children. I can’t overstate what a huge thing it is in our lives. And that was the negative, so now it’s pretty great.”

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