Gellar Blamed For Pagan Rise


Hollywood actress SARAH MICHELLE GELLAR’s hit show BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER has been blamed for 50,000 women abandoning traditional Western religion to study paganism.

According to the recent British study published in Women and Religion in the West, young women have taken an increased interest in practicing witchcraft after Gellar’s hit U.S. TV show Buffy the Vampire Slayer hit the mainstream.

The study’s author Dr. Kristin Aune says: “Because of its focus on female empowerment, young women are attracted by Wicca, popularised by the TV series Buffy the Vampire Slayer. In short, women are abandoning the church.”

The Church of England has declined to comment on the study.


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  1. James wrote: Ok so Buffy is to blame? What about charmed, harry potter, the craft, and all the other tv shows and movies?

    Just some one who doesn’t like Buffy whinning, or maybe they just want a non-oppressive religion bearing down on them……

  2. John wrote: Gee, glad they figured this out now. And as a Christian, I don’t think Buffy was the catalyst, but a symptom of a larger movement. Paganism is the original”default” religion of the UK, and it was only a matter of time before a resurgence. And women will usually take a goddess religion over Christ in any culture. This is an epic fail on the church’s part, not just it’s members.

  3. Rich wrote: Oh man it seems so obvious now! Buffy and her chums must all have been secretly trying to overthrow the christian religion and reinstate paganism!

    HA! Jackasses

  4. ohionikki wrote: Any one that doesn’t look into religion is just lazy or an idiot. If people would realize that they don’t always have to follow what their parents or society says we would all be living a better spiritual life. I for one am glad my parents had the strength and knowledge to let me find my own path…which yes I am a pagan, read not Wiccan. The only thing Buffy and all those other movies and shows are guilty of is allowing the world at large to see that there is more to life than is what is force fed to you by hellmongers. (no offence My good Christians) And yes..look it up, every time to Decorate a Christmas tree or an Easter Egg you celebrate a Pagan tradition. Blessed Be Folks!

  5. Guest wrote: Her name in the press is still Gellar. At least that’s what she was credited as in her last film. Celebs rarely change their last names.

  6. GetALife wrote: So instead of the creator, or the writers of the show, lets blame the actress who shows up to read her lines. It’s ACTING people. It’s FICTION. Get a life.

  7. Kionae wrote: Is the show even still running? I know it ended ages ago, but I don’t even see it in syndication anymore.

    On a different note… did anyone involved in this study stop to think that just maybe it was the church itself that was driving young women to abandon the church? Christianity isn’t exactly the most female-friendly religion.

  8. Bookwurm wrote: I’ve always felt pretty meh about wiccans. And about the traditions stolen from them? no one cares. AT ALL. Infact I discare. I effectively remove careing about this subject.

  9. Dugie wrote: “Ok so Buffy is to blame?”
    why is blame being laid at all? So long as they arn’t hurting anyone, people should be encouraged to open their minds to other ideas and beliefs. If only to learn more about themselves and others.

  10. odessabo wrote: why is this even an article?
    it’s an obvious mind f**k by an idiot with an agenda. using the term “Blamed” iwhen referencing Paganism as if its a ‘bad’ thing. ever heard of personal preference or freedom of religion?

  11. Michael wrote: Wicca was demonised by the early christian church using a crock of lies, backed up by public executions, yet use wiccan rites as its own.
    The Church has only itself to blame to being found out after 1600 years of indoctrination.

  12. ToastedBagel wrote: It’s ridiculous – this entire story. Let teenage girls and boys explore and find out what they like. There are plenty of other programs you could ‘blame’ for exposing people to other religions that they then take up. And if they believe something, why is that a problem? I’m not Wiccan, but I support anyone who wants to be and I don’t think there should be a study like this in the first place. Augh!

  13. NobleSlug wrote: Why the heck is this a problem anyway? I mean, Buffy wasn’t pagan, and I doubt Sarah Michelle is either. Also, why does it matter if people want to turn pagan. The same for turning christian, buddhist, shinto, ect. Its their choice.