‘Cinderella’ Star Richard Madden Teased Security Guards On Set

Cinderella‘s Prince Charming Richard Madden had security guards on high alert on the set of the new Disney film after continually “teasing” them by playing around with the custom-made Swarovski glass slipper they had been hired to protect.

Director Sir Kenneth Branagh had bosses at the luxury jewellery firm specially design Cinderella’s shoe for lead actress Lily James, but the priceless item was only on loan to filmmakers for the shoot, so Swarovski executives sent two bodyguards to ensure the fragile slipper would be returned in one piece.

However, Branagh reveals Game of Thrones star Madden would often mess around with the one-of-a-kind shoe just to put the guards to the test.

He explains, “Two very impressive guys from Swarovski came along with the white gloves and you knew when it was in the studio because you could hear the sound of shrieking all across the lot (from shoe fans)… big time slipper groupies. People wanted their foot in that shoe, I can tell you!

“Of course, it was very valuable and you couldn’t drop it, and our brilliant prince, Richard Madden… he would tease the Swarovski boys by throwing it up and you could see these guys running (towards him): ‘Please don’t drop the slipper!'”

Photo Credit:Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com


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