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Interview: Misha Collins from Supernatural

Interview: Misha Collins from Supernatural


We had a chance to chat with Misha Collins from Supernatural about his role as Castiel, what the new season has in store for him, about the pranks on the set, and about his recent bike accident. Here’s what the actor had to say:

How are you?

Misha Collins: Well, I’ve been in the hospital. I crashed on my bicycle going about 55 miles per hour. I’ve already gotten the, “You are stupid.”

Were you wearing a helmet?

Misha Collins: Yes, I was.

Well, then you’re not stupid.

Misha Collins: Well, crashing going 55 is stupid. In my opinion.

Only if you do it on purpose.

Misha Collins: No, I didn’t do it on purpose.

So you’re a little banged up?

Misha Collins: I’m a little banged up. I didn’t break anything. I just tore some muscles, and I’m missing a lot of skin. My shirts are sticking to my scabs.

Then why are you wearing a shirt?

Misha Collins: Yeah, ha [laughs].

You’re being a method actor because Castiel was basically destroyed at the end of last season and you show up like –.

Misha Collins: Exactly, I wanted to know what that felt like.

You can use that in your work.

Misha Collins: I am, and I am using that to negotiate for better pay.

Do you feel like your part of the ensemble more now that it’s the second season you’ve been on the show?

Misha Collins: A little bit, I do I guess. Now they have a chair with my name on it. Which is nice.

We’ve actually heard about a lot of pranks on the Supernatural set. Have you ever been a victim to one of these pranks?

Misha Collins: Well, I was just talking about it. We were shooting a scene last week where Jared and Jensen were standing on either side of a doorway, and I have to walk between them to go talk to Bobby. Every single time we shot that, every time, Jared did something different to me as I was walking past them. But he did it right below where the camera could see. So it just looked like I was f*****g up. It would be-he tripped me, he grabbed my ass, he dug his thumb into my ribs. I was trying to keep it together. So that’s sort of the tone, the ambient tone.

We talked about how Castiel is this stoic kind of character. How difficult is that to maintain?

Misha Collins: When Jared is grabbing your ass? It is somewhat difficult to maintain in that context. Honestly, I think that normally it would be a bit easier, but I would have to say that is one of the hardest parts on the show. Tying not to laugh.

Was it difficult playing Castiel and then transitioning to the Jimmy Novak character?

Misha Collins: Yeah, it was hard in a sense that it was a lot to juggle. Both of those characters in that episode were going through there own sort of arches. They were jumping in time, and so it was a lot to sort of just figure out where I was at any given point. It was fun. It was fun to do that.

We got to see a little bit of Castiel’s back-story last season. Do you think he is ever going to see his family again?

Misha Collins: I don’t know. I don’t know. It seems like things can get resurrected in Supernatural. It’s entirely possible, but I don’t know.

We know that Castiel was cast out of heaven, and is wandering the wilderness by himself. What is he doing with himself?

Misha Collins: Well, he’s taken up crochet, and he’s learning to ride a bicycle, so he’s got a lot going on. I think he’s got his own agenda that will be revealed in episode two. Very big stuff, I have to say… Epic, Epic. You look incredulous, but I’m telling you it’s huge.

Interview By: Emma Loggins

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