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Noah Taylor Talks ‘Game of Thrones,’ Comics, and His New Series ‘Powers’

Noah Taylor Talks ‘Game of Thrones,’ Comics, and His New Series ‘Powers’


Powers, PlayStation’s new original series, premiered today, and if you haven’t checked it out already, we have yet another reason why you should – Noah Taylor! Taylor played one of our favorite bad guys from Game of Thrones, and in Powers he stars as Johnny Royalle – a criminal mastermind according to Taylor.

“He’s behind a lot of the stuff that’s going on.” Taylor explained about his character. “He and Christian were friends when they were young, so there’s that kind of backstory…. they have a previous different kind of relationship and competitive relationship. Now they’re kind of foes, but there’s a bond between them.”

Powers is based on a comic book series by the same name, and since Taylor is a big comic book reader, we were curious if he had came across the series prior to his casting.

“I hadn’t actually come across… Powers. Obviously I read it before I took the show, but I love comics and always have. I actually think some of the most interesting writing has come out of comics and has actually influenced film and literature in the last 20 years… partly because comics, pre-CGI or whatever, comics were really the only visual medium where you can do anything. You know, like Silver Surfer could suddenly be on the moon or whatever, there were certain things that even really TV and film couldn’t do… beyond that there’s a kind of fearlessness in comic book writing that, for example where they kill a major character- kill Superman…or even Archie. Archie gets killed saving his friend, but then Archie’s going to be back next week. That’s not the end of Archie. It’s just a one-off episode.” Taylor explained. “Superman has been killed, all those characters have been killed, and then you just start the comic again and comic book readers can handle that… That’s kind of a bit too out there, generally speaking, for film/TV audiences.”

Since Powers films in Atlanta, we had to ask Taylor about the trend we’ve been noticing – that a large fraction of the projects filming here seemed to be on the supernatural side. What was his thoughts on the coincidence?

“There’s probably a lot of ghosts in Atlanta, that’s for sure.” Taylor smiled. “It just boils down to this is the new Hollywood, in a way. Tax incentives and different things like that. It’s a great city for providing cityscapes and rural environments. It’s actually a good place to film.”

Check out our full interview with Noah Taylor below!

Noah Taylor Talks Powers

Powers Trailer

Want to watch Powers? PlayStation has all the information you need to know here.

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