Interview: Stephen Baldwin from I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!

We had the pleasure of talking with Stephen Baldwin about his newest reality project I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!. Here’s what he had to say:

Now I know you guys get dropped of in the jungle. Then you have to face challenges that America gets to submit or vote on? Can you elaborate a little bit on that?

S. Baldwin: Unfortunately, I don’t know too much about what’s going on. What’s fun about participating in these types of opportunities, the more they can keep you in secret about what’s going to happen, the greater the reactions are going to be, usually. That was the case for Celebrity Apprentice when I did it. The person who has the home field advantage here is Janice. She’s done the program before; she did the British version of I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! It’s a little unfair, but I plan to use that to my advantage.

Are you already strategizing about what you’re going to do?

S. Baldwin: I really am counting on my ability to be able to react in a spontaneous kind of way. Janice is already kind of projecting some strategy, which I think she’s really just using that to throw her competition off. But I don’t underestimate Janice for a nanosecond! She came down to the wire on the British version–she almost won–and now I think she’s going to try to use that strategy.

How did you get involved in this project?

S. Baldwin: Jayson Dinsmore, the producer, had seen me on Celebrity Apprentice and knew that I could be pretty good at causing trouble. So they reached out to me and asked me to participate. I really wasn’t interested because I’d just done too much of this stuff. But they talked me into it, and besides that, this organization that I’m raising the money for, Love146, is such an awesome organization that it’s really a privilege for me to be raising funds for them.

Can you talk more about your charity and what they do?

S. Baldwin: Love146 is an organization that is moving forward with the abolition of human trafficking and they have been very successful in Asia at rescuing young children. The idea of me doing another opportunity like this wasn’t a big interest to me, but I just so happened to be committing more time in the last 9 months to Love146. For me to go over there and get dirty in the jungle and eat a few cockroaches, it’s the least I can do to try to do something good for these kids that are being abused.

What about just general things about being in the jungle for so long. Is there anything that worries you?

S. Baldwin: Janice Dickinson. She’s going to go ballistic, and everybody knows it.

What do you think about the other cast members that are going to be with you? Do you know much about them?

S. Baldwin: Not really. The newest member I’m told was announced a couple of days ago was Lou Diamond Phillips. I believe that Lou Diamond will be a formidable foe. Lou’s a very quiet guy, he’s probably quite cunning, and baffling. So I’m sure he’s going to utilize some of his unique experiences too try to reach the goal of victory.

Has your family commented on what they think about you being in the jungle for so long?

S. Baldwin: I think generally what people say to me is, “You’re crazy!”

You’ve done a number of reality shows now, what keeps drawing you back to reality as opposed to doing film or scripted television?

S. Baldwin: Again, I think that if you do too much of it, it kind of puts a certain stigma on you. The funny thing is that, what happens culturally, particularly within the pop culture, is that Spencer and Heidi are almost as famous as Tom Cruise! It’s unbelievable. So for me, I don’t think it’s such a big deal anymore. I think a lot of people within the industry would look down upon it; I’ve never really tried to succeed in Hollywood, by playing by any sort of rules. I still make movies; I still make television. I enjoy doing reality because it’s an opportunity for me to be in a situation where I really get to be me, say what I want to say, express whatever my points of view are and not have to be stifled in any way or controlled.

Do you have any projects lined up after this?

S. Baldwin: Yeah, I go right into production on a feature film. I’ve been very busy with a new assignment I have. I’m the new spokesperson for a company called Planet Smoothie. You can go to, and I just finished shooting a short film for them that’s a marketing tool called “Cupman.” So you can go to

On a side note, I read that in high school you were an opera singer right? You ever think you’ll venture into music again?

S. Baldwin: That’s correct! For the most part it’s in my past, but I had written a screen play for an independent film that I’m hoping to produce one day that will allow me to revisit it.


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Interview By: Emma Loggins

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