Interview: Scott Michael Foster from Greek

We had the pleasure of talking with Scott Michael Foster about the return of ABC Family’s hit series Greek, what he did for his birthday, and his most memorable fan experience. Here’s what the charming actor had to say:

So I know you had a birthday recently, right?

Foster: Yes I did.

Well awesome! Belated happy birthday. Did you do anything special for it?

Foster: Yeah I did. I rented the back corner of a billiards hall. We had a bunch of friends over, we played pool, played darts, and hung out. It was a blast.

Cool. So I know your show started back March 30th.

Foster: That’s right.

Are you guys picking up from where you left off or is there going to be a huge time gap that has elapsed?

Foster: We are going to pick up where we left off. I think it’s technically the second half of the season so it’s still Season 2.

How many episodes are you guys going to have?

Foster: I think it’s 12 episodes in this next airing.

So what can we expect to see in the upcoming episodes with your character? Are there any insights you can give us?

Foster: Oh my gosh. I haven’t really thought about it since it seems like a long time ago for me when we shot this thing, but… You’re going to see some stuff with Casey and Evan. They have a lot more to talk about in these next 12.

There’s the whole Rusty dealing with his little brother. He has a new little brother, so he kind of grows up a little bit and sort of finds out that he has to find out how to be a big brother. And then there is the fraternity thing. It’s pretty interesting.

When did you guys shoot these episodes?

Foster: We just finished at the beginning of February, so we started in the end of September, beginning of October last year.

Did your break have anything to do with the writers’ strike or is that just how it worked out?

Foster: We’re just on a different schedule than most television because we’re cable, we’re an hour long, and we don’t really take breaks as much as other people do.

So I know it seems like most of the Greek fans pick Cappie and Casey as their favorite and I’m told that ABC Family did a survey last month where 76% of fans thought you should be together, and then 11% said that you should play the field. The rest thought you should date them! What is your take on the Cappie and Casey relationship?

Foster: I think it’s one of those things where those characters are meant to be together, and they will or won’t. And if they won’t it’s just a matter of it’s not the right time. It’s the characters the people want to see together, and I don’t know how the writers are going to take it, but I think you’ll see something pop up about that in the season.

Yeah, where they left it off it seemed like there was hope for those two with her going off to Washington.

Foster: Yeah, so you’ll see what happens in the season. What goes on with her and Cappie and if anything will happen. But you’ll get a little more information out of the season before that.

Now I know you said before that you were somewhat similar to your character. In what ways are you similar to your character?

Foster: Cappie is an easy going guy. He’s not taking anything really seriously. I’m not saying that he’s irresponsible or that I am, but there is no reason to get stressed. I think we both share that similar quality.

Now are there any majors that you’re dying for him to try out that he hasn’t yet?

Foster: He’s tried so many hasn’t he? Not necessarily. I mean I think it would be fun to see them expand on the joke he takes every major available at the college, but there isn’t really one in particular. We’ll just see how the show goes.

I know you guys had some guest appearances last season, and I think you have Jesse McCartney this time around right?

Foster: Yep! He plays Rusty’s little brother. Jesse plays this kid named Andy, so you’ll see him in a nice episode arch for the show. He’s a great guy. Awesome to work with.

So what can you tell me about Sirens Eye?

Foster: It’s the band I sort of put together. I’ve had it for a few years now. It’s kind of hard, when I’m shooting the show to get anything done or get any sort of shows up. We both sort of write, and focus on recording. But now that I am on hiatus for a couple months, we are going to start playing some shows and getting together more frequently. I play guitar and sing, and we have some really good music on our Myspace right now. You should check it out

Yeah I did last night, it’s really good.

Foster: Oh thank you. We are going to put some more up there for the fall. You know honestly it’s a fun thing for me. I don’t know if anything will ever happen with it, but it’s something fun that I like to do.

Cool. Now when you say you are going to play some shows is it going to be kind of local stuff or can your fans look for you coming…

Foster: Absolutely! It’s going to be in L.A. but I don’t know if we will play anywhere outside of L.A. I guess if we get some more recognition… who knows. We could play anywhere I guess.

Now for those people who haven’t heard your band how would you describe your sound?

Foster: You know what, we’re just rock and roll. I wouldn’t compare it to any other band. That would be the decision of the people who listen to us. I don’t want to say I sound like a band that I want to sound like. So I think we just do our own thing, and I liked to call us rock and roll.

Right. Do you find it, I know you touched on this a little bit, but how do you balance your time when you are filming Greek with the band?

Foster: I really don’t. I’m filming all the time, and it’s hard because my schedule is very inconsistent. If I need any time off it’s pretty hard to balance those because everybody has their own lives too, and it’s always easiest when I don’t have anything going on. So I can just say when are you guys free? To try and juggle it is pretty difficult, but now we’ll have some time to do it since I’m not working now.

Now long term goals for you. Are you more of an actor or more of a musician.

Foster: I definitely more of an actor. The reason I moved out to L.A. was to be an actor. That’s definitely my main focus.

In the other little bit of time you have off what do you like to do? What are your hobbies?

Foster: I like to play pool. I’m going scuba diving this weekend. I’m doing a little bit of traveling. I like to write music, obviously with the band. And hang out with my friends.

Do you have any TV shows you try to catch that you’re a big fan of?

Foster: The Office, 30 Rock. I’m a fan of the travel channel. I like Anthony Bourdane, Man vs. Food, Man vs. Wild on Discovery. I like those types of things.

Now speaking of the food shows, what would you say is the craziest that you’ve ever eaten?

Foster: That I’ve ever eaten?


Foster: Oh gosh, I don’t know. I can tell you about one episode of the show that I saw. He went to a steakhouse in Texas and got a 72 oz. steak. It’s in Amarillo. He had to eat the 72 oz. steak, the baked potato, the roll, and the salad in less than an hour and he did it in like 28 minutes.

Wow. I have a friend that wants to try that, and they were saying that you have to train for it.

Foster: I’m sure you do. This guy eats a lot of food all the time.

Do you ever see yourself doing that one day?

Foster: Not at all. I always think I might be hungry enough to do something like that but then I’d have like 3 oz. and be like I’m full! So… no way.

So when do you go back to filming?

Foster: We go back June 1st.

Do you have any big plans besides scuba diving that you’re going to do as a vacation?

Foster: I think I’d like to do a little bit more traveling. I went to Hawaii and I’m going up to Big Surf next weekend. I would like to go to Argentina. I don’t know if I will.

What is the craziest… or most memorable fan experience you’ve had thus far?

Foster: I don’t know if anything has been crazy or stand out memorable. Nothing that is sort of unorthodox. But to be the sort of coolest fan experience was first season when Jake McDorman and Clark Duke went to New York we did a little press thing with the Plain White Tee’s and we had a line. The first week after our show aired we had a line of I don’t know how many people deep. Maybe 200 people deep, and they had to cut the line off because we only had an hour to sign. We signed for like an hour and a half and we had to turn people away. It was ridiculous. That was actually the first episode. It was crazy.

So what’s next for you right now? Do you have any additional projects or anything that you’re working on?

Foster: No, I don’t really have any projects lined up. I’m still auditioning for things. Hopefully I’ll be able to get on some other shows. I’m just sort of taking it easy since we only have a few months off per year. I like to just sort of relax and do my own thing.

Interview By: Emma Loggins

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