‘The Royals’ Star Elizabeth Hurley Insists New Series Won’t Offend Real Royals

Elizabeth Hurley is adamant her raunchy new drama about Britain’s first family will not offend the real life royals.

The star plays the Queen of a fictional royal family inhabiting Buckingham Palace in new TV series The Royals, and the show is packed with sex, drugs and scandal.

However, Hurley is adamant Queen Elizabeth II and her relatives have no reason to fear the show because it is not based on the real life royals.

She tells the London Evening Standard, “I have no trepidation (about the royals’ reaction) because after five seconds of watching our version, you know it’s not real, you know it’s fictitious. That’s where the fun lay for us – it’s not so much fun to be playing somebody who really exists. It’s much more fun to fantasise. I love our monarchy. I think it’s fabulous. They are our movie stars.”

Hurley goes on to reveal she based her character, Queen Helena, on a combination of late British royal Diana, Princess of Wales and 101 Dalmatians villain Cruella de Vil, adding, “I like to think how Princess Diana could have looked and dressed had she ever become the Queen of England… There was also Cruella de Vil.”

Do you plan on checking out the new series when it premieres on E! March 15th?

Photo Credit: E! Networks

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