ScreamRide – Destructively Entertaining

ScreamRide is destructively entertaining. The new rollercoaster game from the developers that created Rollercoaster Tycoon allows players to speed through a campaign where completing a course as quickly and stylish as possible earns the highest score.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from ScreamRide at first as I assumed it was simply another rollercoaster building game. However, the minute I began my tour at Populous Labs where the goal is to push humanity to a new level by giving riders thrills that will spill their meals, I discovered that it’s not just another rollercoaster building game, but actually so much more.


There are three parts to ScreamRide: ScreamRider, Demolition, and Engineer.

ScreamRider lets players control the cart on the rollercoaster. This is something I couldn’t imagine would be that fun until I actually started playing it for the first time. During each course, players must time the start correctly to earn a boost which allows the cart to go much faster. There are also boost sections scattered throughout each track as well where once again timing must be spot on to earn the boost. Perfect timing also earns a perfect score. So the better players time the boost, the better their score will be.

Also on each track are sections where players must lean their cart sideways on the rail to avoid hitting a block. This must be done without derailing the cart, otherwise players lose precious time which is also important for a high score. Additionally, the longer a player can hold the cart on the edge without sitting it back down or derailing, the higher the score will be. There are even jumps that must be spot on with their timing for a perfect score. So obviously there is a big challenge offered here, and it’s a lot of fun to attempt and go after high scores to compete with friends on the leaderboards.


It’s not just all speed though. There are many sections where breaks must be used, otherwise players will end up derailing their cart. So with speeding, braking, boosting, tilting, and timing sections to perfection, players can expect hours of entertaining fun.

But that’s just the ScreamRider mode. There is also a demolition mode at Scream Works where players launch a cabin full of riders at buildings to cause as much destruction as possible. Timing is obviously key here as players need to launch the ball at the right moment to hit the ideal spot for maximum destruction. There are many strategies to this mode which also features unique cabin ball types such as a sticky ball that explodes, a ball the can bounce three times, and a ball that can separate into three parts. This mode is entertaining as well, though not as thrilling as a rollercoaster ride.


There is also Engineer mode where players actually build the rollercoasters, sending test riders on a crazy experimental ride where it’s important to maximize the S.I.N. (Scream, Intensity, and Nausea) levels. Building coasters to make them as crazy as possible is also great, but make sure the riders don’t derail or go flying out of their seat due to too much G-force.

I must admit though, it is humorous when the riders do go flying out of their seats as that is big factor behind the game’s unique charm. It’s a wacky lab for crazy simulations, the riders are entertaining to watch as they go through each test.

ScreamRide is destructively entertaining whether players are riding coasters, causing damage, or building and sharing coasters with their friends. There is a lot of fun here and it has enough features to keep it fresh for some time. Replaying levels is also fun for learning each turn and mastering the course which can lead to a superior high score on the leaderboards.

ScreamRide certainly creates many smiles and moments of laughter, making it well worth looking into. Now go push those riders to their very limits and create the ultimate scream-filled ride!


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