Julianne Moore, Meghan Trainor and More Talk Body Issues in New Documentary

Julianne Moore and singer Meghan Trainor have opened up about their body image issues for a new documentary.

The pair joined British pop star Simon Webbe to discuss their fears about weight problems, bad teeth, and skin blemishes for the project, which is aimed at boosting children’s confidence.

The short online films will be shown in the U.K. later this month as part of Being Me – A Newsround Special.

Moore says, “When I was growing up in the U.S. it was unusual to have freckles everywhere. Kids didn’t know what they were. And it was something I didn’t want to have; I wanted to have tanned skin like everybody else.

“But then of course you grow up and realize that everyone has something that makes them feel different… and that those things are less important the older you become once you have a family, friends, a job – you know – and a life… I think that, you know, it’s that idea that we’re all different. Physically we can all be different but basically we’re all the same.”

Trainor, who previously addressed body image issues in her hit song “All About That Bass,” recalls the childhood teasing she received, saying, “I was in middle school, sixth grade and younger, and my best friend was a boy. He looked at me and said you’d be a lot prettier if you were 10 pounds lighter. I cried and felt horrible all day. I went home and told my mom I wasn’t gonna eat dinner and she asked me why and I told her I got told if I was 10 pounds lighter I’d be prettier and I still think about it to this day.

“I’ve moved on from it and have grown because of it but it is still here in my brain. It affected me so much. He was even my best friend and even your best friends can say something that can hurt.”

The show will also feature Olympian Louis Smith and professional dancer Kevin Clifton.

Photo Credit:CarlaVanWagoner / Shutterstock.com



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