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We had the honor of interviewing the delightful and inspiring Ruby Gettinger about her new series on Style Network where viewers can follow her journey to lose weight. Here’s what she had to say:

How did you get hooked up with Style Network for this project?

Ruby: My friend Brittany Daniel talked to a producer friend that works in reality TV who got in touch with Style. Style liked my idea and contacted me about doing a series. I was so pleased that Style wanted to follow me on my weight loss journey, as well as let me share with their viewers my passions — which are God and people.

Why did you decide to do this show?

Ruby: I saw an episode of Oprah about a group of severely obese women and their struggles. These women spoke about how they were afraid to leave their homes because of the way society judged them. It broke my heart, because no matter what size I am, I refuse to allow people to stop me from living and enjoying my life. We are a nation that is facing an obesity epidemic and I decided I wanted to find out why so many of us are suffering. I decided to be the “guinea pig” to see if it is possible to be at the most 700 pounds and lose all the weight you want and still look normal. I want to find out why we are overweight and what actually works. Perhaps by sharing my personal weight-loss journey on television, I can help others confront the truth and lies behind obesity. And if I can do it, then I know anyone can conquer “the beast!”

Are you still filming the show or has filming concluded?

Ruby: We are still filming!

What can viewers expect to see from you throughout the season?

Ruby: Ruby follows my weight-loss journey. I am on an emotional roller coaster ride to survive and to conquer obesity, not only for myself but also for everyone that battles some kind of addiction. Viewers will see me hanging out with my family and friends, reuniting with my x-boyfriend, visiting old friends in Los Angeles, struggling to stay on my diet, as well as the ups and downs of my weight-loss journey. There will also be lots of laughter and some tears and plenty of surprises.

How did you end up in Savannah? You mentioned you had been out in LA for a period before moving to Savannah?

Ruby: I have lived in Savannah most my life. My Dad was in the Air Force and met my mom in Savannah. The only knew each for 1 month before getting married and they have been together for 50 years. After my dad retired from the Air Force we settled permanently in Savannah. I also lived in Los Angeles in the late 1990s.

After watching the first episode, it seems like you’re going to be dealing with a lot of private and emotional issues on the show. How difficult is that knowing that millions of people will be watching you deal with these issues? Has it gotten easier as the series has progressed?

Ruby: At first, it was difficult being vulnerable and exposing my private feelings and emotions in front of the camera, but it didn’t take long to know I was blessed to have a crew who believes in me, supports me and sees my vision. I guess seeing the crew’s response to what I am going through and their support for my journey helped me realize it’s worth the risk of putting myself out there. But it has not gotten easier to deal with the emotional ride. I keep finding things out about myself and realizing this is so much more mental than I had ever thought.

You mentioned in the first episode that you’ve tried diets before and they haven’t worked for you. What has been the most extreme diet that you have done?

Ruby: A 7 day fast. Is that insane? Do not do it!!!!!!!!!!!

Has there been a certain diet that you have done and it has worked?

Ruby: My own diet of proteins, veggies and fruit has worked well. One thing I find that does work that I do now to is write down everything I eat and count the calories so I don’t go over a certain amount. Everyone should do this if they are dieting or not. I think we all would be shocked by it.

In the first episode, viewers see that you’re searching for exercise options and getting on a strict meal plan. How has that worked for you thus far? What has been the most challenging part of sticking to these plans?

Ruby: The meal plan was hard at first because I am a snack eater, but the most challenging part is trying to change my pallet to like healthy food.

What is the one message that you hope that viewers walk away with after watching this show?

Ruby: I have always been “Hacky Wacky” which is my lingo for HAPPY! I refuse to allow my obesity to control me. It already has kicked my butt in terms of my health and my physical well-being! I don’t let negative attitudes and meanness from other people keep me from living my life. I will not let my weight define who I really am…on the inside. I am a girl who loves life and loves people and I find that in this life there are more good people than bad and that is who I choose to surround myself with. I want us all to get healthier, but also to live life to the fullest along the way. I want people to live their lives no matter what.

Will you be doing additional seasons of the show, or is this a one season project?

Ruby: I hope so because they are following my weight journey. There is more weight to be lost and so many more things I need to learn and conquer.


Interview By: Emma Loggins


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