Kevin Hart Wants to Host 2016 Oscars

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Kevin Hart is determined to land the coveted job of hosting the 2016 Oscars, insisting emceeing Hollywood’s big night would be the “next major step” in his career.

The Get Hard star has been cracking jokes about producers calling him for next year’s gig ever since Neil Patrick Harris received mixed reviews for his presenting skills at last month’s Academy Awards – which registered the lowest viewing figures for the event in six years – but Hart admits he is actually serious about putting his name forward for 2016.

Asked if he would be interested in taking on future Oscars hosting commitments, Hart explains, “There’s no ‘might’ about it; I definitely want to. I’m starting my campaign by just getting everybody to say it… That would be a major accomplishment. Right now, what I’ve done and the progress that I’ve made in my career, that’s definitely the next major step.”

Hart has a few ideas about how to switch up the lengthy ceremony and make it more appealing to younger film fans, and he is keen to present his plan in person to Oscars bosses.

During an appearance on Live with Kelly and Michael on Thursday, he said, “For a comedian to say that you’ve hosted the Oscars, to grace that stage with all those people in the room and you know, turn that event into a youthful night, I think it hasn’t been done for quite some time and my goal is just to be able to do it and adapt to it, adapt to that environment, and at the same time, give a little spice to it. It’ll be different.”

Hart will have experience playing to big crowds – he is set to make concert history later this year when he becomes the first comedian to headline at an NFL stadium by performing at Pennsylvania’s Lincoln Financial Field, where the Philadelphia Eagles play.

Ellen DeGeneres served as Oscars host in 2014, while Seth MacFarlane, James Franco and Anne Hathaway, Chris Rock and Billy Crystal have also previously fronted Hollywood’s big night in recent years.

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