‘Cinderella’ Star Helena Bonham Carter Backs Co-Star Lily James in Waistline Controversy

Helena Bonham Carter has backed her Cinderella castmate Lily James after the film’s young star became embroiled in a row over her slender figure.

Bosses behind the new Disney blockbuster were accused of digitally altering James’ body to make her waist look tiny in her character’s iconic big blue ball gown.

James spoke out to insist the footage had not been retouched, putting her slender appearance down to a naturally thin waist and a tight corset, and now her co-star Bonham Carter, who played Cinderella’s fairy godmother, has backed up her claims.

The former Harry Potter star says, “Lily does have a tiny waist. They didn’t make it tinier than it is, she just has (sic)… If it’s a working corset, then you make it work for you.”

We’d love to know your thoughts on the Cinderella waist controversy in the comments below.

Photo Credit:magicinfoto / Shutterstock.com


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