‘Puppies Are Dicks’ Book Review: Do the World a Favor, Adopt an Older Dog

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There are some things in life that most people don’t like to admit aloud… when kids are funny-looking, when you’re the only person in your friend-group that hates a TV show everyone else loves, or the well-known (but often overlooked) fact that puppies are complete little dicks. If you don’t agree with that last statement, you totally will by the end of the awesomely funny, aptly titled Puppies are Dicks.

Don’t be fooled, the book may bash the adorable little furballs, but it’s for one of the best reasons I can think of: raising awareness for the adoption of older dogs. The book’s authors, Eric and Sara Sims, are a pet-loving couple who were inspired to become the champion of man’s older best friends because they’ve experienced the love senior dogs have to give first-hand. “We have two amazing older dogs who have made our lives better exponentially,” Eric shared. “Sara and I wanted to come up with a fun way to remind people of the how and why adopting older dogs can improve the quality of not only their life but yours. We’re hoping that people will read Puppies Are Dicks, laugh, learn a thing or two, and share it’s message with their friends and family.”

The style of the book makes it a quick and fun read. Puppies Are Dicks is comprised of completely original (and hilarious) illustrations to help drive home the point that (say it with me) puppies are dicks. As soon as you flip open the pages, you get that nostalgic children’s book feeling, but once you actually begin to read, you realize that you should probably keep this one out of the kids’ rooms…unless you’re cool with them becoming tiny, potty-mouthed Orange is the New Black fans. The OITNB jokes strewn about that will definitely be appreciated by fans of the show (source: I’m a fan of the show and I appreciated the jokes).

Plus with content like this:

How could you not want to check out the rest?

Perhaps the best part about Puppies Are Dicks is the fact that it’s not just a book. Sure, it achieves its primary purpose of educating people on the plus-sides of adopting senior dogs, but in addition, a portion of all proceeds from the book will be donated to organizations that help older dogs. The authors are even working directly with the Ian Somerhalder Foundation. “ISF is the very first entity to take the Puppies Are Dicks idea seriously. They are a super passionate and ballsy group of people that we are just huge fans of. They get it. Frankly, I think more animal foundations need to follow in their footsteps. Because of ISF’s bravery and loyalty, we have decided to allocate a big chunk of the funds raised to their Emergency Medical Grants program.” You can find out more info on the Emergency Medical Grants program here: http://www.isfoundation.com/grants

Another reason (by which we mean the real reason) why the pair decided to work with ISF? “Ian Somerhalder is the hunkiest hunk to ever hunk. It’s impossible not to just hand him everything in your pocket when he flashes you those smoldering steely blue eyes,” Eric joked. Can’t argue with you there.

Overall, Puppies Are Dicks makes an amazing case for adopting older dogs, but in a way that doesn’t make you feel like you’re being beat over the head with information. Personally, I’ve always been on the puppy side of the fence, but this book opened my eyes and will stick with me next time I decide to bring a new dog into the family. We genuinely appreciate the fact that such an enjoyable book is spotlighting a cause that doesn’t get a huge amount of attention, but is still very important nonetheless.

Grade: A

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