Interview: Lauren Bosworth from The Hills

“The Hills” was the #1 original series on cable among people between the ages of 12-34 in 2007. “The Hills” is also the top show area on for all of ’07 in terms of uniques and streams. Since the premiere of the third season in August, “The Hills” show area on has attracted an average of 600,000 unique visitors a week.

We had the honor of sitting down with Lauren “Lo” Bosworth from The Hills and Laguna Beach and talking about the reality series and the young starlet’s future.

Can you talk a little bit about how shows like Laguna Beach and The Hills work? How much of it is reality and is any of it scripted?

Lo: Sure. We do have a filming schedule which definitely makes it easier than having cameras around 24/7. Everything that we film is real, everything you see on the show has really happened. It really is a lot of expert editing done by people that work with the show. They create such an interesting storyline that it seems like there is a script. If I didn’t know and I watched the show, I would think the same thing, but there is no script.

Is it difficult to live a normal life with the cameras around? Or does having that filming schedule help to make it more bearable?

Lo: The fact that there is a filming schedule makes it a lot more bearable. We filmed this morning, but now I’m just hanging out here at home. I have the rest of the day off, so it’s really not bad at all. It’s weird though, the paparazzi like to hang out in front of the house, and so if we go anywhere, they’re there. So it’s hard to like run down to Blockbuster, because they’re there. There are always people around.

How did you all get approached initially to do Laguna Beach?

Lo: MTV decided that they wanted Laguna as the place for the show, so they met with the school board. So that’s how they got on campus at our high school. They held interviews and people filled out applications, and they read everything and found out who were friends with whom. Then they set us all down and decided who they wanted film with.

Your college major is art history right?

Lo: Yes it is.

What’s your plans for after The Hills?

Lo: After The Hills, oh my goodness [laughs]! That’s what I’m trying to figure out right now! I really do enjoy living in LA and being in the entertainment industry. I don’t really know what it is going to turn into after this, but I also really love the beauty and fashion industries. Hopefully something where I can do what I love in this industry. I just haven’t figured out that part yet.

Now I have to ask, what do you feel about the whole situation between Lauren and Heidi?

Lo: [Laughs] I haven’t been ask that question in awhile actually. I think it’s old news by now. We’re getting to the point where we are able to look at that in hindsight and say yes it was a bad situation but we’ve all moved on. We have new relationships with new people, and I don’t really think that they focus on it anymore.

What has been the most embarrassing thing that you’ve done on camera that you wish that they hadn’t filmed?

Lo: [Laughs] Omigosh! Let me think about it! I feel like on the show they always show me making little comments, and frequently we will film and I’ll just run my mouth. I won’t be aware of the camera, and I just say what I’m really thinking. Sometimes I look back on it and think jeez… I really shouldn’t have said that! Person XYZ is going to see that and be so mad at me or have their feelings hurt, so it’s not so much embarrassing as just disappointed in myself when I look back and see what I’ve said.

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Interview By: Emma Loggins

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