‘Downton Abbey’ Officially Ending After Season 6

Fans shouldn’t be too shocked, as rumors have been running rampant for quite some time, but official word broke today that Downton Abbey will be ending after its sixth season.

According to USA Today, the show’s executive producer Gareth Neame gave the reason for the show’s ending in a conference call today. “Our feeling is it’s good to quit while we’re ahead,” Neame said. “The show is in incredibly strong shape. … The danger is to let it go on forever … eight, nine, 10 years. We wanted to end when the time is right, so that people will love it for years to come and not feel there’s a drop-off, and we’ve not outstayed our welcome.”

Although the series is coming to an end, fans shouldn’t fret. According to Neame, a Downton Abbey movie isn’t completely outside of the realm of possibility.

“Our (he and Fellowes) position is that we would be very interested in that, it’s something we’re contemplating, it would be great fun to do,” he stated. “I can’t confirm it’s definitely going to happen but we shall see. If we can get all our ducks in row …”

Are you sad to see the series go? What are your thoughts on a Downton Abbey film? Let us know in the comments below!

Photo Credit: PBS


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