‘The Longest Ride’ Cast Visits Georgia Tech’s Alpha Xi Delta

The Alpha Xi Delta (AXiD) Gamma Eta chapter blew up Twitter on Thursday, March 26 as they took to social media to campaign for the stars of the film The Longest Ride, Scott Eastwood and Britt Robertson, as well as famed author Nicholas Sparks for an on-campus visit. Participating against other area sororities, they were announced the winner of ‘The Longest Ride Twitter Sorority Battle’ by accumulating over 300+ tweets in the course of 10 hours. The AXiD sorority even lifted the official hashtag of the film #LongestRide to trend in Atlanta by noon that day.

The afternoon of Tuesday, March 31, AXiD President Leslie Wetzel, along with Georgia Tech cheerleaders and cheering sorority sisters, was first in line to greet The Longest Ride stars, Eastwood and Robertson, in addition to best-selling author, Sparks. In honor of the film, AXiD named Robertson their “Rosebud,” a title that gives a nod to the sorority’s official flower, Eastwood was crowned AXiD’s “sweetheart” for 2015, and Sparks was given a traditional sorority paddle with the symbol of “The Quill” and motto “The Pen is Mightier Then the Sword.”

Take a look at the photos from the event below, and be sure to check back on FanBolt next week for our interview with Britt Robertson, Scott Eastwood and Nicholas Sparks!

The Longest Ride Cast Visits Georgia Tech’s Alpha Xi Delta


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