Madonna Made a Move on Drake and He Wasn’t Ready

If Madonna thought any man would be ready and willing to make out with her simply because she’s Madonna, the star definitely got knocked down a peg after surprising Drake during a Coachella performance over the weekend.

Madonna’s Drake fixation is nothing new. The star recently made a comment during an interview saying that she wanted to “go a dream date with Drake – and only kiss him,” and this weekend she proved she’s a woman of her word… in front of thousands of people…at one of the country’s largest music festivals.

Drake is a headliners at this year’s Coachella and Madonna appeared as a surprise guest during his set. It wasn’t enough for Madge to simply surprise the audience, however, so the superstar took the opportunity to make her own dreams come true by kissing Drake as hard as she could on the mouth (seriously, it looked like something the Sanderson sisters did to children in Hocus Pocus). Drake’s reaction is priceless and probably one of those things no one will (or should) ever let him forget.

Watch the video of the painfully awkward kiss and look out for Drake’s immediate reaction below:

If you listen hard enough, you can even hear Kevin Hart scream “Nooooo. He wasn’t readdyyy!” from the audience.

Madge hasn’t made a comment about Drake’s reaction, but has since posted this to her Instagram:

No caption necessary ……….@coachella. #bestnight #bigasmadonna #bitchimmadonna

A photo posted by Madonna (@madonna) on

Madonna also said she’d like to meet President Obama, so he may want to re-consider before inviting her to the White House anytime soon.

We DEFINITELY need to hear what you think about this one in the comments below.

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