‘The Originals’ Welcomes the Latest Dysfunctional Mikaelson Family Member


A new big bad arrives on The Originals tonight as the Mikaelsons and everyone close to them prepares to face Dahlia, the world’s worst aunt.

Fans will finally get some payoff on a storyline that’s been building up all season long in the form of Dahlia making her New Orleans debut. Dahlia’s arrival also ushers in the return of another feared Originals character, Mikael. This time, however, he’s coming back to (presumably) help his kids instead of wreaking all kinds of havoc.

“Mikael was sent by his newly-found daughter to find some element to be able to combat Dahlia,” Roché recently told TVLine. “We’re going to see him come back in Episode 18, and he’s definitely going to be surprised by what’s happened in his absence…It’s all going to be huge.”

Dahlia makes her debut, when The Originals returns at 8pm ET on The CW!

Photo Credit: The CW

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