Dennis Quaid Rants in Leaked Video and No One Knows What’s Real

A bizarre video of Dennis Quaid going off on a set has surfaced and no one knows whether it’s a prank or not.

The video shows Quaid going off on crew members on a set, although no one knows what project Dennis was filming. Due to the nature of the rant and the fact that no one can confirm any information on it one way or another, many think that the video could be a hoax.

Interestingly enough, Quaid’s new series for Sony Crackle, The Art of More, was announced today, so the timing of the rant video is perfect if, in fact, this is a prank.

Others seem to think it’s a skit for Jimmy Kimmel, since the comedian and host has been known to produce random videos, introduce them into the internetosphere (yes, I made that up) and watch them go viral.

Check out Quaid’s rant below:

So what say you?

Photo Credit:Helga Esteb /


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