Joss Whedon and Lionsgate Facing ‘Cabin in the Woods’ Lawsuit

Joss Whedon and Lionsgate may have their own real-life scary story to live through now that both parties have been hit with a $10 million copyright infringement lawsuit for the 2012 horror film, Cabin in the Woods.

An author by the name of Peter Gallagher is suing, claiming that the movie is a complete rip-off of his 2006 book The Little White Trip: A Night in the Pines.

“Comparing the Book to the Film, the plots, stories, characters, sequence of events, themes, dialogue, and incidents portrayed in the two works are fictional and, in many respects, the elements in the two works are virtually identical,” the complaint claims, according to The Wrap.

The site goes on to detail some aspects in which the author claims his book and the film are similar. “Like the book, Cabin in the Woods tells the story of five friends (three guys and two girls) between the ages of 17 and 22 who take a trip to a remote cabin in the woods. The cabin’s previous inhabitants were murdered by the father of the family, who returns to terrorize the group of friends.”

Whedon and Lionsgate have yet to comment on the suit, but we’ll keep you posted as we receive any new information.

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Photo Credit: Lionsgate


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