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Interview: Jake Pavelka From ‘Drop Dead Diva’

Interview: Jake Pavelka From ‘Drop Dead Diva’


We were able to stop by the Drop Dead Diva set while Jake Pavelka was guest starring. We chatted with the infamous bachelor about his role, The Bachelor, and his future. Here’s what he had to say.

How’s the transition from reality to scripted?

Jake Pavelka: I was just twittering about that. You know what’s funny is—you know, ’cause I’ve done this when I was a kid, you know? I was on that show a couple times, Walker, Texas Ranger, and then did some independent movies and stuff like that. And I had forgotten just how different reality was from scripted. We’re running the same scene—I think we’ve run the same ten/twelve times now. I look at the character and there are parts of it that I identify with and then other times I feel like Toby Davlin is still a stranger to me. Similar life experiences, but made very different choices.

Had you seen Drop Dead Diva previously?

Jake Pavelka: I hadn’t before I was asked if I would consider auditioning. I had seen the advertisements; you see it all over—I’ve got a fiancée, of course I’m familiar with it. But when I was asked to audition, I pulled up some of the past episodes just to see the flow of the show. ‘Cause it’s funny and clever and quick-witted.

Are you pursuing acting now; is this the next step for you?

Jake Pavelka: I am looking at anything that’s coming. I’m still a pilot, still fly; I’m still the same Jake that everybody got to know on The Bachelor. Vienna and I just have some really special opportunities that have come about, and who in their right mind wouldn’t at least consider everything that came their way. My biggest thing with all of this is to be impactful; make people feel.

Have you guys taken any steps towards planning the wedding yet or is that still kind of…I have to ask!

Jake Pavelka: We’re moving forward. She was all excited; she found some shoes that she really, really, really liked. I think they were, like, some Jimmy Choos that had sparkles; she is all girl. I keep an eye on them. Just to to make sure nobody buys them, I’ve got to get in there and buy her Jimmy Choos.

[The couple announced their split merely 3 days after this interview]

What’s this experience like, because you’re kind of, in a way, playing a character you’re familiar with, having been on The Bachelor with a little more drama attached to it. Are you able to pull from your experience with this role?

Jake Pavelka: It’s hard. You know, reality is really me. It’s like when people think they know Tom Cruise, they don’t know Tom Cruise. He’s never been on a reality show and most people have never hung out with him through the day. So they don’t know, really, who he is. I’m a little bit different because they took my personality and put me on the show. And I had a really accurate portrayal on there. And with this, it’s a guy that I relate to. He’s had similar life experiences but he’s made very different choices in life and has very different motivations. You know, you can go back to any season of The Bachelor and there’s somebody on there that wants to be famous. And the audience, every single season, sees right through it! I think that’s probably what made my season so great; my plan was to go on there, have a lot of fun, meet some great friends, and be open to finding love. And when I went in there I thought, “I hope it happens—it’s probably not going to happen, but if it does, I’m ready.” And I got d**n lucky and found Vienna.

Do you feel that you and Vienna were portrayed accurately on the show or did you even watch any of the episodes?

Jake Pavelka: Some of them I did not, I haven’t seen all of them because we were normally together. You know, everybody’s big question is, “How do they edit the show; how do they put it together?” The editors do whatever they’ve got to do to make the audience feel the same way I did when I going through the experience. So, if I had—you know, my heart was smashed, they’re going to edit it so that everybody that’s watching feels my pain. That’s how they edit reality. But it’s not like this where they’re like, “Jake, I want you to say this, this, and this. And then you’re going to look at Camille, and she’s going to get upset.” Because we’re running the scene in there, and my heart’s breaking for her, because I understand what the character did to her, and I’m playing the—you know, she looks at me like I’m Toby. And I want to reach out and comfort her and say, “I’m so sorry that—,” you know, but yet I’ve got to play the guy that’s, “Sorry, babe, you know what you were doing.” And that’s not me!

So what’s next for you? Do you have anything else after this?

Jake Pavelka: I don’t. That’s why I was so excited. You know, like I said, I’ll look at anything that comes my way. If somebody says “Hey, would you like to audition,” if it makes sense and ABC thinks it makes sense, then I’ll consider doing it. But I’m just kind of flying by the seat of my pants right now…and flying airplanes! I’ll never not fly airplanes.

Do you have your own plane?

Jake Pavelka: I don’t! I’m in a flying club and I have a Super Decathalon at my fingertips in Dallas.

Check out Jake Pavelka on ‘Drop Dead Diva’ on August 22nd on Lifetime!

Interview By: Emma Loggins

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