I Need That Look! ‘The Royals’ Episode 1.06- The Slings and Arrows of Outrageous Fortune

Sunday’s episode of The Royals was a fun one, with the prince and princess on vacay with their friends (and lovers) in Monaco. It was also a great episode for displaying a wide range of fashion, from bathing suits to  casual wear to night-out looks.

My two favorite looks this week were worn by Princess Eleanor and Ophelia (thanks to Princess Eleanor). The princess is definitely my style spirit animal on the show (much like Serena van der Woodsen was back during the days of Gossip Girl), mixing girly tops or dresses with edgy pieces adorned with metallics, studs, chains and any other accessories that help exhibit her fierce attitude through her clothing.

While at the casino in Monaco, Princess Eleanor rocked a black bralette underneath a metallic mesh top, some black dress shorts and a beautiful gold Lanvin metallic jacquard jacket for the win.


If you have an extra $3,470, you too can buy the jacket once its back in stock (no one said dressing like a princess was cheap!)

Ophelia, the the show’s resident young American (and the prince’s new lady love) received a mini-makeover from the princess and made us all jealous that we don’t have an uber rich friend who wears our exact sizes (down to the shoes) that we can steal clothes (and shoes) from.

She ended up rocking a badass Needle & Thread Studded Contour Dress. The beautifully detailed dress was embellished with glittering beads and sequins and was made to turn heads, which it certainly did (Team Opheliam all the way!).


The dress is unfortunately sold out as well, but a bit more attainable at $110. You can keep an eye on it here.

Look out for posts every week on my favorite The Royals looks along with where you can find the pieces (or sometimes pieces like them).

Are you watching The Royals? Whose style are you loving more and more each week? Talk to us in the comments below!

Photo Credit: E!


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  1. I was wondering if you know who designed the bathing suit tunic that Gemma wore in the trip to Monaco? Deep purple with beading?? That was lovely.