Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s Classics Are Headed to Nickelodeon

Calling all children from the 90s! Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s awesomely cheesetastic films that we all knew and loved are heading back to television.

The Olsen twins are dusting off their classic library of films, series’ and music videos so that a new generation can get caught up in their many adventures thanks to Nickelodeon. The network has acquired the rights of the twins’ catalogue with projects spanning from 1993 (Our First Video)-2003 (The Challenge), and airing will begin this month.

“Mary-Kate and I are excited to announce our video library will be available to the Nickelodeon community,” said Ashley Olsen in a statement. Her sister added, “Nickelodeon has been at the forefront of kids entertainment for decades. We believe this is the perfect home for our library.”

Here’s the complete list per Deadline:

Series: The Adventures of Mary-Kate & Ashley (10 episodes); You’re Invited to Mary-Kate & Ashley’s (10 episodes); So Little Time (26 episodes); and Mary-Kate and Ashley in Action! (26 episodes

TV movies: Mary‐Kate & Ashley’s Fashion Forward; Our Lips Are Sealed; Winning London; Holiday in the Sun; When in Rome; Getting There: Sweet 16 and Licensed to Drive; and The Challenge.

Music specials: Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen: Our Music Video and Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen: Our First Video.

The Olsen twins’ series So Little Time will debut on Monday, April 27 at 7:30 pm. Episodes will continue to air weekdays.

What was your favorite Mary-Kate & Ashley movie growing up? Am I the only person who remembers “Brother for Sale”? Talk to us in the comments below!

Photo Credit: Warner Bros.


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