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Home Entertainment ‘The Originals’ Star Danielle Campbell Talks Kol, the Season Finale and More
‘The Originals’ Star Danielle Campbell Talks Kol, the Season Finale and More

‘The Originals’ Star Danielle Campbell Talks Kol, the Season Finale and More


The characters in The Originals have been facing some issues like no other this season and Danielle Campbell’s Davina is no exception. The star chatted with Entertainment Weekly recently and revealed some interesting information about what’s ahead for her character and the future of the series.

Davina’s love interest, Mikaelson brother Kol, died this season, but in a world where death is usually not permanent, Davina is determined to find a way to bring her man back. The next time we meet Davina she’s “really ready to bring back Kol,” Campbell told the site. “She’s going to continue to do anything and everything to [bring him back], and what she’s going to find is that this is not an easy task. Kol’s already been brought back, so it’s a lot more difficult this time; there’s not as many opportunities to do so. And the opportunity that she finds, it may or may not go her way.”

Another devastating blow for Davina this season was the more recent death of friend and werewolf Aiden at the hands of Dahlia. “Over the course of time that [Josh and Aiden] have been together, you’ve also seen Davina have a friendship with Aiden. So this is just wearing on her—not only losing her friend’s boyfriend but a friend of hers as well,” said the actress. “She has lost so many, and the worst thing possible for Davina is losing some of the very few people that she’s grown to love, trust, and care about. I think she knows that [Josh] needs that time to grieve. But at the same time, she believes Klaus is the reason that he’s dead, and so she wants nothing more than to hurt him the way that he’s hurt her friends.”

Finally, Campbell revealed how this season’s exciting finale compares to the first seasons. “The drama’s heightened so much,” she stated. “The ending of this season is really exciting because it almost sets up next season to be a whole new show. I know that’s a really big statement, but it closes so many of those doors that have been left open from last season and from Vampire Diaries. And so next season, you’re really going to see this whole new twist. It’s going to be really exciting.”

Find out what else Danielle had to say about Davina and The Originals over at!

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