‘Powers’ EP Talks Season One Finale and What’s Ahead for Season Two

As Playstation’s first original series Powers wraps up its debut season, one of the show’s executive producers, Charlie Huston, decided to chat with The Hollywood Reporter about his experience and what lessons he learned while working on his first TV series.

Powers‘ season finale is now available to watch and in case you haven’t seen it yet, you may want to brace yourself for what’s coming. “Just the end of the world,” Charlie laughed. “Black Swan rising, for people who’ve been paying attention to the show, they’ll know about the Black Swan. The final episode will be dealing with the Black Swan’s threat. You’ll see that the journey that Walker’s been on comes to a place of … having them, not having them, how he feels about that. You’ll see Deena coming to terms with what kind of cop she is, Calista, does she get power, Zora trying to come to terms with her fame and the choices she’s made. All of that stuff is going to pay off in the final episode in some way. I don’t know if you can say they get their just rewards or otherwise, but I believe that every major storyline that we’ve launched this season will come to some kind of conclusion, or at least a resting place that’ll show where we might be going in the future.”

Since this series is the first of its kind, its safe to say there were a plethora of lessons to be learned while navigating the first season production and Huston seems to have already pinpointed how the show can improve if renewed for a second season. “As a production, I think we can do so much better with action and VFX,” he said. “We have stuff that looks great in the show, but also have stuff where the fact that we’re just getting our feet under us still shows. Not in a bad way, but we can do better. A lot of that has to do with planning and making a strong choice in advance and not winging that. In VFX, you can buy yourself out of a situation, but you have to have the money — and then you don’t have that money there for another problem. I think that’s a place where the show can really improve, and the choice of what kind of action, as well.”

When it comes to what’s ahead for season 2, Huston simply states that the creative minds behind the series are “letting the wheels turn on what happens next, and waiting to hear what happens next.”

Powers launched on March 10th and the season finale is available now on PS4, PS3, or online at the PlayStation Store.

Head on over to The Hollywood Reporter to read the rest of what Charlie had to say and let us know what you thought about Powers’ first season in the comments below.

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