Exclusive: Archer Creator Adam Reed Talks About M… As In Mancy

I was able to visit the production studios for FX’s Archer here in Atlanta, and sit down with creator Adam Reed and executive producer Matt Thompson. I talked with them about one of my favorite episodes – ‘Skytanic.’

For those that haven’t seen Archer, ‘Skytanic’ is a great episode to start with, but I was curious if Adam Reed felt the same way. What episode would he recommend Archer newbies start with?

“I like ‘Skytanic’ which is the one where they’re on a blimp, and they’re diffusing a bomb.” Adam replied.

Where did the idea for that episode come from? It came from a line towards the end of the episode that is one of the fan’s favorite lines… “M as in Mancy!”

“That whole episode grew out of… Casey and I were laughing about, for no reason, the phrase ‘M as in Mancy.’ We started laughing about how stupid that was. And then we were like, ‘Where would that… How would you use that?’ ‘Okay, would you say it, you know, as a code over the radio?’ ‘Let’s say you’re diffusing a bomb.'” Adam explained, “So the whole episode grew out of that one joke. So everything was on the ground. So where would you put the bomb? Let’s put it on a blimp! And yeah, it was all from one stupid joke.”

One joke that Archer fans such as myself love!

Want more exclusive Archer goodness? There’s more coming your way every Thursday until the end of the season! There’s more to come from my interview and studio visit! Also check out our contest to win a Archer Season 2 poster signed by Adam Reed!

Article/Interview By: Emma Loggins


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