Exclusive: Archer Creator Adam Reed Talks Archer And Lana

I was able to visit the production studios for FX’s Archer here in Atlanta, and sit down with creator Adam Reed. I talked with Adam about the likelihood that we’d get to see some more of the Archer/Lana backstory.

As a huge fan of the series myself, I’ve always wondered if we’ll get the chance to see some of the courtship between Lana and Archer. I just can’t imagine it my mind, yet I have to imagine that it would be incredibly entertaining to see Archer wooing Lana. I brought this up to Adam Reed, and asked if there’s any chance of seeing this in the future.

“Oh, the courtship! Now we haven’t touched on that yet. We’ve flashed back to them dating, and it going badly… but yeah the actual courtship no. There’s a couple photographs of them having a good time, but those are pretty few and far in between. That’s a great idea! That’s really interesting because every interaction they have now is like colored by their bitterness towards each other so yeah, that’s a fantastic idea. Can I use that?” Adam smiled.

I jokingly told him I wanted a credit, but it’s something that I, and I think other fans, would legitimately be interested in.

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Article/Interview By: Emma Loggins


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