Drop Dead Diva: Sneak Peek At Season 3 With Kate Levering

We were able to catch up with Kate Levering on the set of Drop Dead Diva Season 3! Kate talked with us about what’s in store for Season 3, Drop Dead Diva guest stars, and more! Check out the interview with her below!

Is there anything you can tease as far as Season 3?

Kate Levering: Oh, what can I tease… Obviously, we’re opening with one of our big, dance, dream sequences – which is always fun for the cast. That’s what we’re shooting today. We’ll find out whether or not Grayson survived getting hit by a car at the end of Season 2. And we’ll find out for my character, the repercussions of Parker betraying her last season.

What continues to challenge you about your character now coming into your third season?

Kate Levering: I think that just that there’s a fine line between a stereotypical bitch and bringing human aspects to it and that’s always a challenge to walk that line for me.

I know with the dance sequences today, this is kind of your area of expertise right?

Kate Levering: [Laughs] Yeah

What’s it like today? Have you guys been doing any choreography work before today or?

Kate Levering: Yeah, we rehearsed for 3 days. This is always really fun for me because in theatre, you know, you get to rehearse for weeks and weeks and by the time you actually perform it – it’s really polished and perfected. So it’s really fun for me to always be back in the rehearsal process so then you come to shoot and you feel like, “Yeah! I nailed it!”

What have you been up to in the downtime here? Have you been working on other projects too?

Kate Levering: Worked a little bit. I had a movie that was released called Liked Dandelion Dust. And I travelled! I went to 5 countries so that was a really nice change for me to really take advantage of having some time off. And EVERYWHERE I went people knew the show and were really excited about the show -even in very small remote town in Nicaragua which is really cool.

One of the questions we got send out on Twitter was about fan mail and what kind of fan mail you guys receive and what has been the craziest piece of fan mail you’ve received?

Kate Levering: I always get really, really nice… People saying really nice things. I usually don’t read any of the chat rooms or anything. People sometimes say mean things about my character, which I tend to take personally. Like, “Oh, that hurts my feelings.” But I always get people saying really nice things, and that they like what I’m doing and they kind of understanding her better. I haven’t received anything too crazy.

What are you really looking forward to this season? Is there anything especially with your character that you’re looking forward to exploring more?

Kate Levering: Well, I don’t know that much, but you know I just hope it continues to tell a really fun, creative story. Our court room scenes are always really quirky. I think I can probably leak that Kim represents… Somebody’s suing her boyfriend or her ex-husband for a booty-call: Booty-call-gone-bad. So that’s always fun. I always have really funny law cases so.

I know you guys got some good guest star this season? Leann Rimes was on set yesterday…

Kate Levering: You know, I think this episode we have Leann Rimes, Mario Lopez, Wendy Williams, Paula Abdul… It’s like really star-studded, which is amazing those people wanna come and be a part of our show.

Who would be your ultimate guest-star?

Kate Levering: Oh my gosh… Bette Midler. That would be insane.

We can’t wait for Season 3 of Drop Dead Diva! Can you? The series returns to Lifetime this June!

Interview By: Emma Loggins


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