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Drop Dead Diva: Sneak Peek At Season 3 With Margaret Cho

Drop Dead Diva: Sneak Peek At Season 3 With Margaret Cho


We were able to catch up with Margaret Cho on the set of Drop Dead Diva Season 3! Margaret talked with us about what’s in store for Drop Dead Diva Season 3, her favorite TV series, and more! Check out the interview with her below!

So this is your second day of production, what have you been up over break?

Margaret Cho: Oh, I’ve been gone. I’ve been touring. I do stand-up comedy on the other months of the year that I’m not here, so I have been on the road. I’ve been travelling all over the place in my bus. That’s been really fun and really great, but I haven’t stopped since I’ve left. So it’s been very busy.

What can you tease us with in Season 3?

Margaret Cho: Well, I don’t know a lot. I know that my character gets a boyfriend… And it’s heavily featured in the next episode (Episode 2). There’s a lot of stuff, there’s a lot of private-eye stuff that comes up for me or Teri actually. So I’m excited, it’s gonna be fun.

Is there anything you’re really looking forward to or hoping it’s gonna happen with your character?

Margaret Cho: I just…I just look forward to it all. You’ll always start early, and you’re kinda like, “What’s gonna happen?” And it’s always fun to discover it, and the show’s so beautifully written and so fun, so it’s always very exciting to get scripts.

Playing the same character for 3 seasons now, how do you make it interesting for yourself and continue to challenge yourself with the role?

Margaret Cho: Well, it’s always exciting for me. To me, this character grows all the time. So it’s wonderful to see where the writers wanna take her. I’m a comedian by trade, so it’s like a different job to work on a show as an actor and also do dramatic stuff. It’s very creative and very diverse. So I really, really love it.

Now with Dance with the Stars, did that prep you for the dance sequence you’re doing here today?

Margaret Cho: Yeah! And I really love dancing. That certainly gave me a massive education in dance, and also a lot of confidence as a dancer. I really loved doing that show, and it’s fun to start the season off with an awesome dance number.

I know you obviously get a ton of fan mail, but what is the most interesting or most memorable piece of fan mail you’ve received?

Margaret Cho: I think, uh, there are really unflattering paintings. Some people have painted me, and it’s so sweet. But sometimes…there’s one where I can really see my pores in it, so that my nose look like a salt shaker! It’s very (Laughs) unflattering, but I like that. It’s funny.

There was an article recently that Entertainment Weekly published talking about people that they thought should replace Charlie Sheen on Two And Half Men and they mentioned you.

Margaret Cho: Well, that’s a good idea. (Laughs) I would love to. That would be fun. God I would. Of course, he’s irreplaceable. Especially now. I mean really, but I’d love to.

What’s your favorite television shows?

Margaret Cho: I guess it’s all over the place. You know, I really like Dancing with the Stars which I did last year. I love Intervention, and the Laws & Order shows, and also Confessions of Animal Hoarding. Anything that has, like, animals and hoarding. I like reality, but the extremes of reality.

And what else is up for you next, besides doing more comedy shows?

Margaret Cho: I’m working on my new album. I’m gonna be doing a lot of music here. Trying to just write in between shooting and get things recorded. I really like to do some recordings here. So yeah, just trying to work on my music and my comedy.

We can’t wait for Season 3 of Drop Dead Diva! Can you? The series returns to Lifetime this June!

Interview By: Emma Loggins

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