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Home Entertainment ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Gets Even Darker in New Season 6 Promo
‘Pretty Little Liars’ Gets Even Darker in New Season 6 Promo

‘Pretty Little Liars’ Gets Even Darker in New Season 6 Promo


Pretty Little Liars gets darker and darker every season and, unfortunately for our girls but fortunately for us, this season is no exception.

The summer premiere promo was released and it looks like the liars are still exactly where they were when we left them…and I mean exactly. Charles is going to punish the group for trying to escape and we feel like whatever he cooks up will be cruel and unusual. Things are not going to be easy for Aria, Hanna, Spencer, Emily and Mona for the first couple of episodes in this upcoming season.

Watch the premiere promo below!

Now let’s take a look at some key moments from the promo and ponder over them until we make ourselves Mona-crazy:

:02- Mona looks like she’s being punished. She’s not around the other girls and hugging yourselg while rocking back and forth is never a good sign.
:04- Looks like Charles left the girls outside in the rain all night after their attempted escape. Hope no one catches pneumonia!
:07- Spencer’s screams of “No, no, no!” aren’t helping anything here.
:09- Aria looks through a closet full of yellow tops from “that night” and finds a note etched into the back wall that reads “He’s going to kill me -M” M as in Maya? Marion? Mona? WHO?!
:10- ARIA’S PINK HAIR IS BACK! But, it’s still short, so this is clearly not a flashback…does Charles dress the liars up to look like how they did “that night”?
:13- Ali is free and back in her infamous yellow top. Has -A finally gotten his hands on the real thing?
:16- Someone who I’m betting is none of our girls slides food to one of the liars underneath a door.
:17- Officer Toby to the rescue (or not because that room looks empty)
:19- Old school/new school Aria

Pretty Little Liars returns to ABC Family for its sixth season Tuesday, June 2nd at 8/7c.

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Photo Credit: ABC Family

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  1. I just watched the promo and my thoughts exactly were : “wow, this is like a proper psychological thriller!”

    I try to explain to my husband that it isn’t a teeny bopper show, but alas, he still never believed me but anyways..

    I’m as confused as ever with regards to PLL, but ever since season 3 I have always had a hunch that Ashlee is too secretive and constantly jumpy. Too much so, it makes me suspicious.

    I personally think Charles looked like Lucas, just by his stance, shoulder shape and head shape, but I could be wrong.

    Roll on June 2!!!!!
    Catia xx


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