‘Midnight Rider’ Director Continues to Claim Innocence in Sarah Jones Case

Randall Miller may be in jail for the death of crew member Sarah Jones, and may have even pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter, but that hasn’t stopped the Midnight Rider director from claiming his innocence.

It seems that now Miller is backpedaling on his involuntary manslaughter guilty plea and a recent amended complaint filed by his against New York Marine and General Insurance Company, makes it clear that he doesn’t feel he’s responsible for anything. Instead he claims he only made the plea to protect his family.

“Mr. Miller entered a guilty plea to save his wife, Ms. Savin, from criminal liability and to ensure that that she could remain with their children in California,” says a letter from attorney Mary Craig Calkins, according to Deadline. “Mr. Miller contends that he is innocent, and disputes his guilt in this matter. Both Mr. Miller and his counsel, Ed Garland, contested some of the factual findings read into the record by the prosecutor, and Mr. Miller anticipates … that his plea will be set aside.”

On a brighter note, Sarah is being honored by the 12th annual ScriptFest and The Great American PitchFest. The organizations are getting together to raise money and safety awareness with the Sarah Jones Film Foundation. They’re also offering a free Set Safety panel.

ScriptFest takes place on May 29 to May 31.

Photo Credit: Facebook


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