FOX Cancels ‘The Mindy Project’…But It May Not Be Gone for Good

FOX has canceled comedy series The Mindy Project much to fans’ dismay, but there’s good news on the horizon.

The network announced that they would not be renewing the series for a fourth season, but there’s talk of the show heading to Hulu. The streaming site is reportedly eyeing the comedy for a two season pick up. According to TV Line, “Universal TV — which owns TMP and has a vested interest in seeing it cross the syndication-friendly, 100-episode threshold — is talking to Hulu about a multi-season pickup of the acclaimed comedy (that would be Season 4 and beyond).

There has been some talk about The Mindy Project moving to a digital format for some time, and according to Deadline, other shows including The Following and Stalker are eyeing the transition as a future possibility as well.

The Mindy Project, created by and starring Emmy Award-nominated writer/producer and New York Times best-selling author Mindy Kaling, follows a skilled OB/GYN as she navigates the tricky waters of both her personal and professional life. She pursues her dreams of becoming the perfect woman, finding the perfect relationship and getting her perfect romantic comedy ending.

Are you a fan of The Mindy Project? Were you surprised to hear of its cancellation/ Would you tune in if the show continued on Hulu? Talk to us in the comments below!

Photo Credit:FOX


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