I Need That Look! ‘The Royals’ Episode 1.09: In My Heart There Was Fighting


The first season of The Royals is nearing an end and the show is easily one of our fashion favorites already.

As the king’s life continues to hang in the balance and secrets begin to surface, the royal family has still managed to continue to keep up appearances, which means looking as sharp as ever. Fans saw Prince Liam go on an hour long bender, Princess Eleanor face off with her mother while destroying pillows that were “older than America” and Queen Helena plot against the very person she plotted with…and they all did it with style.

Princess Eleanor found out her dad wasn’t her dad, told her mother she suspected her of murdering her brother and had her suspicions confirmed after she was attacked in elevator…all while sporting a badass red and black leather jacket. Eleanor’s bold personality was brought out in the two-toned moto jacket (proved by her confrontation with her evil uncle in the palace) and we loved every second of it.


You can find Princess Eleanor’s IRO Blanca Leather Jacket here. The jacket retails for $1,279.00, but is unfortunatley sold out (we know you wanted to snap that right up).

Queen Helena always looks regal as she’s plotting something evil and this week was no exception. We loved her teal form-fitting dress and the lace wrapping the natural waist was a great detail.


Queen Helena’s teal Dolce & Gabbana Lace Embellished Stretch Cady Dress is currently sold out, but retails at $1,625.00.

Photo Credit: E!


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