‘The Originals’ EP Julie Plec Teases Tonight’s Season Finale


The Originals season 2 finale airs on The CW tonight and the show’s creator Julie Plec decided to let fans in on some details ahead of the episode.

Last week, we saw Klaus sacrifice his brother’s girlfriend Gia in order to get on Dahlia’s good side. We’re used to seeing Klaus go the distance to protect those he loves, and ultimately he sacrificed her in order to protect baby Hope, but did he go too far this time and will Elijah ever be able to forgive him? “Elijah has a thousand years of experience in which he’s gone through quite a lot of grief, quite a lot of betrayal in his ups and downs with his relationship with his brother. I think right now he’s definitely in a dark place and we’ll see if he’s going to be able to pull himself out of that or if Klaus is going to be feeling the wrath of his big brother for quite some time,” Plec told Variety.

Hayley and Jackson have been growing ever-closer throughout the season, thanks in part to their marriage, and culminated in Hayley finally saying those 3 words to Jackson. Fans of the show are serious about their favorite ships and now wonder whether last week’s “I love you” signaled the end of Hayley and Elijah’s ever-present chemistry. “When you have a couple that cares about each other deeply, and there are always things that stand in the way of that — first it was Elijah’s honor, now it’s Hayley’s marriage — that doesn’t make the relationship any less potent or fraught; it just makes it more difficult,” said Plec in a recent chat with TV Line. “Next season, assuming Hayley is able to get out of this predicament she’s been shoved into by Klaus, there are still going to be those feelings there. It’s just a matter of: What do they do about them?”

Finally, Plec had this to tease about the moment from the trailer where we see Dahlia welcomes the Mikaelson siblings to their end. “This final showdown actually has quite a few emotional surprises as our Originals are suffering and facing death at the end hands of their naughty aunt. They fight back with some psychological warfare that’s surprisingly poignant. It’s a great sequence, a fitting closure for this season and the storyline that’s been driving it from the beginning.”

The Originals Season 2 finale airs tonight at 8/7c on The CW.

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