Evolve – Hunting a Few Monsters

Evolve is a game I had a large interest in when it first came out having enjoyed my time spent with the beta, but unfortunately I was unable to get my hands on it until recently. However, now that I’ve been able to spend a few hours in the game I’ve discovered once again how enjoyable it really is.

It’s a 4 vs 1 battle where 4 players go up against a smart and potentially evolving monster, that’s if the guy controlling the monster knows what he’s doing. It’s not easy for the 4 hunters to bring the monster down and that’s where good communication and teamwork comes to play, which is probably why I enjoy the game so much due to the tactical aspect that’s presented.

There are the basic hunter classes such as assault, medic, support, and trapper, all which are required for a successful hunt of the monster. At first I was pretty much all about the assault character as I found it entertaining having the higher powered guns and being able to lay down a few mines in specific spots in hopes that the monster would step on them. However, the game makes sure to rotate players so that everyone gets a chance at their favorite classes. Because of this I’ve been forced to learn the techniques to being a good medic, support and trapper, and I must say that I highly enjoyed each class far more than I expected.

Being medic means that the player is rarely involved in attacking the monster. They come with a sniper that can create a weak spot on the monster when hit, so the medic class is good in that aspect when it comes to attacking. However, once the trapper sets the bubble and the battle ensues, it’s up to the medic to both tranquilize the monster, slowing it down, and heal the other players as they take damage.

Even though I like the big guns and being face to face with the monster, I highly enjoy being the medic as I respect the need for that particular class in the fight. I really enjoy doing my best at staying out of the way as much as possible and healing those who are in the middle of the fight, and then also taking in a quick shot or two with the sniper if time permits. But if the medic goes down, the entire team goes down. It’s a big responsibility and I absolutely love it.

The Trapper class is just as important though as they can create a large shield bubble that traps everyone inside, making it so the monster can’t escape. It’s an important element that stops the monster from being able to get away and evolve into a much stronger and more difficult to deal with monster.

But whether I’m playing as the assault, medic, support, or trapper class, I highly enjoy the tactical-based gameplay and teamwork that’s needed to achieve victory. Evolve is really unique that way and has a great atmosphere for some highly entertaining monster hunting fun. I also respect those who master the monster class as I absolutely hate playing as the monster. I very much prefer being the hunter!

Here are some videos and screenshots from my gameplay sessions


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