Samsung Galaxy Note 4 – Stunningly Gorgeous

I have loved the Samsung Galaxy Note phones from day 1. The size, screen, and performance is always exactly what I’m looking for in a phone, and it’s no different this time around with the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. The size is perfect, the screen is absolutely gorgeous, and the performance allows me to run apps and multitask at the speed I need to get work done.

Of course, my main focus of the Samsung Galaxy Note phones is always about the screen size and the simple enjoyment of playing some of the best mobile games on it. That will never change. However, it’s been the perfect workmate for me this time around as well. I’ve actually started using a planner app called 24me to help stay on top of all the tasks I have going on these days. I’ve even began taking more notes with the use of the S-pen, something that I’ve always had fun with previously but have taken more seriously these days.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 means more to me now than ever before, it’s still a brilliant entertainment device, but it’s also my perfect assistant to keep me up to date on work projects and reminding me of tasks I have yet to complete.


The Galaxy Note phones have always been capable of this; it’s not different now with the release of the 4, it’s just that I’m different now in the way I approach work. However, having experienced each edition of the Galaxy Note phones, the Galaxy Note 4 definitely takes the next step forward over its previous iterations providing excellence in screen quality and performance. I’ve never been so captivated by the clarity of the screen quality on a phone. It’s absolutely stunning how gorgeous it looks!

The beautiful, crisp screen helps make the Galaxy Note 4 a great entertainment device as well. So again, it’s not just about being good for those in a working environment, but also for those who need a little escapism from the world around them. Apps such as Netflix or one of my new favorites, the Disney Movies Anywhere app, is perfect on this phone. I just recently downloaded and watched Big Hero 6 through the Disney app and loved every moment of it on the phone.

I’m a hardcore gamer though and I’m always writing about the latest video game releases. So, obviously, I always make sure to try out the best mobile games on the latest Galaxy Note devices.


Taking advantage of the bigger screen has always been the most important thing when it comes to mobile gaming on the Galaxy Note 4. This is important to me when playing games like Modern Combat 5: Blackout, Dungeon Hunter 5, The Wolf Among Us, World of Tanks, and even a new card game addiction of mine, Star Realms. It’s also joyous for older favorites of mine like Ridge Racer Slipstream, Abyss Attack, R-Type II, and Asphalt 8.

Being able to have the larger screen to select options and manage my way through the game is very important. It helps that the Galaxy Note 4 is also incredibly responsive in all aspects of using the phone. It doesn’t require just the right touch or attempting multiple taps before it works. I’ve had that issues on some other “well-known” products and that’s a big reason why I stick with Samsung devices. I like performance, beauty, responsiveness, and perfection when it comes to using my phones. The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 gives me all of the above.


Performance and attractiveness is the Galaxy Note 4. It still gets a little too hot for my liking when engaged in a video call or playing one of the many apps, but outside of a little heat it’s still an excellent phone for everyday use. That also includes taking pictures as the camera has been an absolute pleasure to work with having taken many photos of all the beauty I come across, including this year’s cherry blossoms.

Once again I find myself completely satisfied by another one of Samsung’s Galaxy Note phones, and the Note 4 is my perfect everyday companion.


  1. The Note 4 is a nice looking and very capable phone. Add to the equation that it just may be the last of Samsung’s superphones to sport a micro SD memory expansion slot, removable battery and its value becomes readily apparent. I like mine so much that as a hedge against the future I purchased the Note Edge; another winning design.

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