‘Reign’ EP Teases Meeting Queen Elizabeth, Mary’s Pregnancy and More


The season finale of Reign airs tonight and the show’s executive producer sat down to tease what’s in store for fans ahead the second season’s conclusion.

Reign‘s executive producer Laurie McCarthy talked to TVLine about all things Reign, from Mary’s pregnancy to Benna (that’s Bash and Kenna for those of you who hate ‘ship names) to Queen Elizabeth.

Mary revealed she was pregnant and fans were quick to call shenanigans, but it looks like they’ll learn the truth sooner rather than later. “You’ll know pretty quickly,” stated McCarthy. “The fallout of a coup is, in my mind, more dramatic than the coup itself. So that’s really what the finale is about. The audience will get resolution very quickly with Mary, Francis and Condé, and then it becomes about how you navigate, not only a failed relationship, but a failed coup. How will Mary and Francis find a way to trust each other again? You’ll get the answer as to what Condé’s fate will be, and we’ll finally meet Elizabeth.”

Speaking of Elizabeth, the queen will be making an appearance this week, which could mean big changes for Queen Mary. “She’ll expand the canvas of the show because we’ll be playing her own stories in her court. We’ll meet her at a fascinating time in her life, very early in her rule. She’s still driven by her heart, but is also an incredibly cagey, self-protective character. Her stories will bring endless complications for Mary and the members of her tribe; some of the characters who are in the Court of France, one or two of them will be temporarily moving to the Elizabethan Court. There will be a fair amount of cross-pollination there.”

Aside from this season’s Mary/Francis/Conde triangle, Kenna and Bash have been facing their own problems in the relationship department. “Kenna went for the right guy at the wrong time when her marriage dissolved with Bash. A mature way of looking at a relationship is: You might love someone very deeply, but if the subtext of every fight you have with them is “Can you be someone else?,” it’s probably not going to work out. That was at the core of a lot of their disagreements. … Kenna’s going to find herself in a very desperate position [in the finale], and she’s going to look to the person who’s always had her back, which is Bash, but it’s not going to go smoothly. And his involvement with Delphine, who’s very lovely but very strange, is going to complicate things further.” Sorry Benna fans, it doesn’t sound like things will get any easier for the pair anytime soon.

Find out what else executive producer Laurie McCarthy had to say about tonight’s finale over at TV Line.

Don’t miss Reign when it airs tonight at 9pm on The CW.

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