Hart Of Dixie: Cress Williams Chats About His Character

Hart Of Dixie star Cress Williams introduces his character Lavon Hayes, 4 time All-Pro NFL linebacker and mayor of Bluebell. Check it out below!

I love every show that Josh Schwartz is a part of, so I had no doubt that I would fall in love with Hart Of Dixie as well. I have seen the pilot, and I can say that it’s a little bit slower than Gossip Girl. It’s more like a Gilmore Girl-small-town-with-an-adorable-lead-lady kind of show. In my opinion, exactly the kind of programming I loved on WB, but haven’t seen yet on CW. I can’t wait to see more!

Don’t miss Hart of Dixie, series premiere Monday, Sept. 26 on The CW!


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