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Home Featured ‘iZombie’ 1.09 Episode Recap and Review: Patriot Brains
‘iZombie’ 1.09 Episode Recap and Review: Patriot Brains

‘iZombie’ 1.09 Episode Recap and Review: Patriot Brains


Picking up right on the heels of last week’s episode (I believe the header said “28 milliseconds later”), Liv manages to sneak out of the elevator without Blaine recognizing her, which can only be a positive. Just in case she wasn’t already sure enough that Blaine is a Bad Guy, Liv flashes on Jerome’s death: an attempt to escape from Julien that ends with a meat hook from Blaine himself.

Later on in the morgue, Liv fills Ravi in on the morning’s happenings. Ravi’s not quite as upset with Lowell as Liv seems to be, but then, Ravi has something else on his mind. So far, it’s been 12 hours since he was bitten by the zombie rat, and so far he isn’t exhibiting any symptoms. We’ll keep our fingers crossed.

Liv’s still a little too upset to listen to what Ravi has to say about her boyfriend, so heads back to his place to confront him with what she knows. Lowell says that he assumed that Blaine was getting the brains from a funeral home, but admits that he was too desperate to look too closely. Mid-argument, he confesses that he’s in love with Liv, but she’s not having any of that right now, thank you very much.

We’re a good 15 minutes into the episode before the Corpse of the Week shows up. This time, it’s a former military sniper named Everett Adams. He was found on a paintball field where he was killed during a game with his “little brother” from the Big Brothers, Big Sisters program. Harris says that Everett was in a nasty custody battle with his ex-wife and her new husband.

Liv noshes on some Everett brain before Clive brings in the couple. Shawn was in a meeting with several witnesses, and Penny was out with her daughter, Anna. Little Anna isn’t exactly willing to back up Mom’s story, but Liv and Clive are okay with letting it slide. While they’re talking to Anna, Liv flashes on an altercation in their home. Everett had Shawn by the collar, while Penny was threatening him with a butcher knife as a crying Anna watched. Not exactly Family of the Year.

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