I Need That Look! ‘The Royals’ Episode 1.10: Our Wills and Fates Do So Contrary Run


Spoilers ahead so if you aren’t caught up on The Royals proceed at your own risk! The first season finale of The Royals sure was a doozy! By the end of the hour we had a new King of England, found out the circumstances surrounding Prince Robert’s mysterious death and learned that there was a new royal baby on the way.

The finale was full of bad news that fans can only hope turns around next season. Luckily what the finale wasn’t full of is bad fashion. Princess Eleanor took the fashion cake this week (again), sporting a sheer top, leather skirt and thigh high boots as she ran around with Jaspuuurrr trying to get to the bottom of her brother’s death.

Princess Eleanor’s long sleeved, sheer turtleneck may not have been the most practical thing to wear when breaking your security guard out of jail and meeting with your brother’s killer, but who needs practical when you’re a princess?


You can get Princess Eleanor’s Black Sheer Ribbed Turtleneck by Vetements here for $785.

Princess Eleanor’s black skirt may look like leather, but it’s actually imitation, which would keep the princess in good standing with PETA (it’s 100% polyurethane!). We love the skirt’s zipper details, with one at the front and at each side pocket, but what’s possibly the best thing about the skirt is it’s from H&M!


You can get Princess Eleanor’s H&M Imitation Leather skirt here, where it’s currently on sale for $17 (regular price $34.95).

What were some of your favorite looks from last night’s episode? Talk to us in the comments below!

Photo Credit: E!


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