IronE Singleton Talks ‘Walking Dead’ Fans And Cataclysmic Season Finale

When I asked Walking Dead‘s IronE Singleton (who plays T-Dog) to describe the season two finale for me, he said one word – cataclysmic. The finale, which airs tonight on AMC, has some big surprises in store for fans – just in case they haven’t been shocked enough by the events in the last two episodes.

The main question that fans seem to have after last week’s episode, is how is this virus being transmitted to people who have not been bitten? Can fans expect any details on that in tonight’s finale? Singleton says yes.

“Definitely. You will find out more about that. You don’t know what it’s caused by – or what caused Shane or Randall to turn, but you’re definitely going to get info on that.” Singleton teased, “The season finale is going to be rocking. It’s going to be cataclysmic. That’s my new adjective that I’m running with.”

Singleton also revealed that while he was a little nervous in the beginning about surviving, he’s hasn’t worried about it as much lately – in large part due to his fans.

“Early on I was very surprised that I survived, but not as much lately because my Twitter followers and Facebook fans are incredible. They’ve been showing T-Dog so much love – to where I’m thinking writers are like, ‘Damn, we didn’t know T-Dog had this much love!’ So now that they’re actually seeing that, maybe they feel that they have to respect that.” Singleton told me, “But early on… like when I cut my arm, there wasn’t much love out there for T-Dog. The black man is going to die first. You already know he’s going down! So early on, when I was reading that script I had to jump to the back to make sure I survived that episode! Then I had to survive the fever which was in the next episode. But as the train kept moving, so did the T-Dog followers. They’ve jumped on board, so I’m not as surprised anymore.”

T-Dog fans can rest assured – there will be lots of scenes with him in the finale. He promised me that his fans would be pleased, though he couldn’t give me any details on whether or not he survives the episode.

Speaking of his fans, he recently got the opportunity to meet a good number of them not too far from the The Walking Dead set at the Run For Your Lives, an amazing zombie infested 5k which makes Warrior Dash look like child’s play. Singleton got to experience some of the fan madness surrounding the series first hand. He admitted that it was really his first taste at experiencing the fan reaction.

“It was fantastic. It got me pumped up for my first convention, which I just had this past weekend in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. So it served as a precursor and gave me an idea of what to expect there. The fans were so fanatical.” Singleton said, “I knew they were going nuts on Twitter and Facebook, but once I was out there and immersed in it – I saw what this whole phenomena has been like for the rest of the cast members. They’ve been doing these cons and everything, and the zombie 5k opened the door for that for me.”

When I asked Singleton if we could have any last teasers for tonight, he made a rather large statement to me.

“I really can’t say much more than that. You’re going to find out a little bit more about this virus and how it works.” Singleton answered, “I think this season finale may go down as the best hour in television history.”

Best hour in television history? Even if I wasn’t a huge Walking Dead fan, that alone would get me to tune in. It’s a big statement, but The Walking Dead doesn’t disappoint – and I’m sure that fans will be left with their jaws on the floor after tonight’s finale.

Will you be watching tonight? We’ll be attending a finale party tonight in Atlanta with Singleton, so look for some more Walking Dead goodness tomorrow on FanBolt!

Article By: Emma Loggins


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