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Exclusive: Drew Roy Talks ‘Falling Skies’ Season 2 Romance, Comic Con And Terry O’Quinn

Exclusive: Drew Roy Talks ‘Falling Skies’ Season 2 Romance, Comic Con And Terry O’Quinn


Drew Roy recently chatted exclusively with FanBolt about Falling Skies Season 2 and what fans can look forward to this summer! From what to expect with romantically with Hal/Karen/Maggie to what to expect with Terry O’Quinn’s guest starring role later this season, we have all the details for you below!

So tell me a little bit about where your character starts off in Season 2. Was there anything that surprised you about where your character was 3 months after where we left you last season?

Drew Roy: I love the way the second season starts off with Hal in a leadership role. Dad hasn’t come back, and Hal finds himself in this place with these two younger brothers and someone has to look after them. The really surprising relationship though is between Hal and Ben, because Ben is trying to figure out who he is as a person and to make it more difficult he’s been harnessed and de-harnessed. He’s having all these side-effects from having that skitter blood in him. The relationship with Ben is really important to Hal. Ben has this new found personal vendetta against the skitters. Which you see in the first 3 minutes of the premiere, he wants to kill all of them and puts others in harm’s way by doing so.

What’s in-store between Hal and Maggie this season? Will Hal see Karen again?

Drew Roy: We will. She comes at a very interesting time. Hal’s main relationship this year is with Maggie. Maggie comes from a very different past, a very different lifestyle, and being on these missions – they’ve found a great friendship. They’re out there and one of them almost dies, and it makes them realize maybe it could be something more. They have to decide if that’s worth pursuing or not. Is it going to make them distracted? Would it make them better people? They don’t know. They’re trying to feel that out. It’s a relationship that’s just frustrating at times for the fans. You’re like ‘Oh they just misunderstand each other.’ And about the time it looks like something is going to happen… here comes Karen.

Is there a particular scene or episode in Season 2 that you’re really excited for fans to see?

Drew Roy: Oh there’s so many of them. I feel like we have so many good episodes this season. We have a whole new writing team for the most part. They came in and took the show in a similar but different direction. They made it darker and grittier. I think with the second episode, it just hits the ground running and never looks back. Episode 5 is a big one for Hal and Maggie, and there’s a huge payoff. Episode 6 and 7 are a two-parter…. I don’t even know what I can say without giving something away… 6 and 7 are great. They’re great. The final episodes leave on a cliffhanger… that if there isn’t a third season, I don’t know what people are going to do. [Laughs]

I know Terry O’Quinn comes in for the last two episodes. Can you say anything about his character?

Drew Roy: He plays a character that is going to be very pivotal to what all is going on. It’s a fantastic role. You’ll be trying to decide if he’s good, or if he’s bad. In this new world that we live in… there are no set rules. We’re not against him. His way is just different than what the 2nd Mass is use to. He’s enlightening in the sense that he’s bringing a whole new mindset to way we handle things, and we’re left with the question – is that something that we’d be interested in.

When you first saw what the aliens were going to look like on the show, what was your reaction?

Drew Roy: It was interesting because when we were shooting the pilot 3 years ago, we didn’t know what they were going to look like. We were trying to imagine what these things would be like. To me, it didn’t matter what they looked like, I wanted to see how they moved. Are they fast? Are they slow? Knowing that as an actor tells you how you would react to them. So when I first saw them, the first thing that popped into my mind was ‘Oh God it’s a giant spider.’ Spiders are my biggest fear. It was a giant crab spider with a little lizard mixed into it.

So I know Falling Skies is going to be at Comic Con again next month. Are you looking forward to checking out any panels, and what was your impression of the event last yer?

Last year I didn’t even really know what was going on there. It was a whole new world to me. I was blown away by all the people that were dressed up. I would have liked to do more, but they had us on such a secure lock-down that I wasn’t able to see anything. All I remember is when they were ushering us to the panel, and we were waiting to go through this door… And we had security with us… This fan of the show comes up and asks for a picture, and before I know it the security guy rams him like it’s a football game and takes the guy out. He tells the guy he can’t have a picture, and I’m just like… that wasn’t cool. It was an odd experience. But yeah I’d love to get out there and see some different panels. I really wanted to see the Spider-Man one last year. If they do something with Batman this year I’d love to see that.

Don’t forget to catch the Falling Skies tonight at 9pm EST on TNT! And keep checking back on FanBolt for more Falling Skies goodness throughout the summer!

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