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‘iZombie’ 1.10 Episode Recap and Review: Mr. Berserk

‘iZombie’ 1.10 Episode Recap and Review: Mr. Berserk


Ravi finds out about Lowell’s (second) death in the worst possible way, by having the body come across his table. Liv wasn’t there at the time, but I’m not sure you can call that fortunate. Instead of being in the morgue, she’s being interrogated as a suspect in Lowell’s death. The questioning isn’t going well for her until Suzuki interrupts, saying that the gunshot residue is consistent with suicide. The ruling will be official as soon as the ME’s office (read: Ravi and Liv) sign off on it. Ravi is of the opinion that they should go along with it, as Lowell’s body is a potential biohazard and the last thing anyone needs is Blaine the Zombiemaker in an enclosed space with access to a few hundred future minions.

Because things aren’t rough enough right now, this episode’s Body of the Week isn’t Lowell, but Rebecca Hinton, the reporter who was working with Major a little while back. Liv thinks working on Rebecca’s case will help her to get back into the swing of things. What isn’t going to help her is Rebecca’s alcoholism. Yeah, this is going to go well…

Liv’s first flash is on Rebecca’s death. The report says she was killed when she walked in on someone robbing her house. The flash reveals that the robbery was just a cover-up. The perpetrator was really after Rebecca herself and used her fingerprint to unlock information stored on her phone.

When Liv looks into what might have been on the phone, she learns that Rebecca had been working on the case of Jason Frye, a college student who suddenly snapped and brought a gun to a library. Liv goes to talk to Ryan, the captain of Jason’s debate team, and the guy is a total… feminine hygiene product (and the bag it came in). Liv flashes on Rebecca having a heated argument with Ryan’s “girlfriend,” Connie.

After Liv drunkenly accosts said girlfriend, Connie shows up to the morgue willing to talk, but wanting immunity. Ryan was threatened by Jason’s debate skills, so he and his buddies got Jason rip-roaringly drunk and made him believe that he’d killed Connie. He was willing to believe it, as usually the only thing Jason ever drank was copious amounts of (wait for it) Max Rager. Two days later, Jason snapped.

The story helps Liv and Clive start deciphering Rebecca’s article notes, which lead them to discover two other people who had gone on rage sprees after drinking Max Rager. Point of Interest, guess which energy drink company sponsored Liv’s ill-fated boat party?

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