‘Pretty Little Liars’ Poll: Which Mystery Do You Want Answers To Soonest?

Tonight’s the night Pretty Little Liars fans! The season six premiere airs on ABC Family and we begin our journey in the “Summer of Answers.”

With that being said, if you’re a fan of the show you know that there are PLENTY of questions that we need answers to and the producers of the series have been promising that this season we’ll finally begin getting them…and I mean REAL answers.

When we last left the girls, they were trapped in Charles’ twisted dollhouse as his personal human dolls. During a recent interview, Sasha revealed that Charles is indeed a member of the DiLaurentis family and that this season we’ll learn more about him, his motivations and the DiLaurentis clan as a whole. Although this is the larger, overarching mystery, there are still other questions and storylines that remain unanswered that fans are aching to know about, from Bethany Young to Melissa Hastings’ involvement to Sarah Harvey’s disappearance.

Be sure to live-tweet with me when the show returns (@TheJasmineAlyce)tonight at 8pm only on ABC Family and let us know which mystery you want answers to below!

Photo Credit: ABC Family


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  1. Since we don’t know anything about sarah harvey and how she went missing I assumed that she was supposed to be in cape may with ce ce drake and allison but she and her boyfriend left cape may to go somewhere and we never saw her again somewhere in between the lines she and spencer hastings had a fight and spencer could have killed her or killed her twin sister