Misha Collins Talks About Castiel’s Return On ‘Supernatural’ Season 8

Supernatural‘s Misha Collins chatted with FanBolt in the press room at Comic Con 2012 about how quickly Castiel will return in Season 8, whether or not he abandoned Dean, and what’s in store for him in the new season!

One thing we heard a lot from the cast of Supernatural is how flashbacks will be a big part of the new season, and also addressing what happened during the 1.5 years that the series jumps forward. Misha confirms that this will be how we learn whether or not Castiel abandoned Dean to save his own hide – or went to get help to aid Dean. He wouldn’t tell us which it was, Misha just said that they were both options. Though, Jensen did flat out tell us, so if you want to know that – be sure to stay tune for Jensen’s interview!

Check out our full interview with Supernatural‘s Misha Collins below!

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