I Need That Look! ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Episode 6.01: Game On, Charles

Hopefully you’re not still so traumatized from last night’s chilling Pretty Little Liars season premiere that you don’t want to know about the fashion, because we all know that’s one of everyone’s favorite parts of the show.

The season premiere spared no expense when it came to thrilling moments that left fans’ jaws on the floor. From seeing the girls tortured to wondering if Mona would end up dead (for real this time), the cast and crew produced the best season premiere the show’s seen in ages.

Just as much as it’s known for the drama, PLL is also known for the fashion and the show’s Head Costume Designer and Stylist Mandi Line managed to have the girls looking flawless (as usual), regardless of their captive statuses. (Does anyone else wish they had their own personal Mandi to dress them everyday? There should be an app for that.)

Charles may be a nutcase, but he had a pretty good feel for the PLL’s old styles. We loved Aria’s throwback look (complete with pink hair!). From the striped stockings to the edgy shirt and leather(esque) jacket, Aria’s old school/ new school style definitely caught our eye.

Aria’s jacket looked like leather, but since the girl is a hardcore vegan, it’s actually just leather-like. The badass faux leather moto jacket was completely lustworthy with its band collar with snap closure, high gloss hardware and double chest pockets.


The (Minus the) Leather Jacket is made by Express you can buy it here for $128.00.

We loved Aria’s wild graphic tee as well (we all know she and Emily get the best tees). The short-sleeved, wide crew necked top had a great cheetah print on it that was enhanced by foiled shine and vibrantly tinted jersey.

Aria’s Wild Love Graphic Tee was by Express and was for sale here for $30, but is currently sold out.

Ali may have been worried about her friends, but she still managed to keep up appearances (as if that surprises anyone). During a press conference held on last night’s show, the Queen Bee donned a beautiful silk, black-and-white swan print top with an adorable high/low silhouette.


You can buy Ali’s Bird Print High/Low Silk Blous by Haute Hippie shirt here

Let us know what looks you loved from last night’s season premiere of Pretty Little Liars!

Photo Credit: ABC Family


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